Have you ever thought about earning an extra US$200 every time you travel to another country? The idea is simple: you're scheduled to travel to a certain place, but you want to take advantage of the opportunities available along the route. In this case, how about delivering products from your origin to the agreed destination? This is a chance to reduce travel costs. Understand how best app for travelersNext, with tips from the Great App.

Discover the best app for travelers
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The best app for travelers: Grabr

Basically, the Grabr app works as a product delivery option in which the traveler receives a reward for the task in question. In other words, the platform makes payments by bank deposit directly into the specific currency of the country in which the bank is located. In order to become a traveler, it is essential to check that you have a bank account in one of the locations you are going to. Here are the locations available on the platform Grabr.  

  • Brazil;
  • Mexico;
  • France;
  • Italy;
  • Argentina;
  • Sweden;
  • Great Britain (United Kingdom);
  • India;
  • Uruguay;
  • Latvia;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Poland;
  • Slovakia;
  • Russian Federation;
  • Slovenia;
  • United States;
  • Norway;
  • Canada;
  • Ashmore Islands and Cartier;
  • Finland;
  • Belgium;
  • Lithuania;
  • Denmark;
  • Germany;
  • Egypt;
  • Estonia;
  • Switzerland;
  • Peru;
  • Portugal;
  • Ukraine;
  • Ireland;
  • Netherlands;
  • Spain.

Why does it pay off for the buyer?

Simply because in certain countries, tax rates vary. So, when ordering an item from one country to another, the profit can be huge, considering that there will be no taxes or specific shipping fees.

How does the best travel app work?

Grabr is able to finance your trip whenever you sign up to the app. By offering the possibilities to potential buyers, you'll not only make extra income along the way, but you'll also get to see some beautiful places along the way.

In general, the app works as follows: potential buyers request the various items they want, which can be stuffed animals, toys or even designer clothes, jewelry and make-up. There are also those who are looking for technological gadgets. When making this delivery offer, it's important to make sure that the item fits in your luggage. See the platform step by step!

1st Add a trip

This is the first step to ensuring cost savings on your trip. All you have to do is add a specific route for where you're going and where you're leaving from, so that people can post their orders according to the route of their trip.

2º Start making offers

You can then choose the delivery options for those interested, agreeing all the other details directly with the buyers.

3º Buy the specific product

Those interested in an item from the regions you are passing through or from where you are coming from, make the payment as soon as their offer is accepted. The platform, Grabr, guarantees payment and then you can go after the product with your own money, without fear.

4º Continue until the product is delivered and payment is received

At the end, simply continue your journey and meet the buyer in person. Have the product delivered and receive your payment automatically. It will be available via the Grabr platform.

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Those who like to travel can ensure that their travel costs are reduced with the offers available on Grabr. This platform allows you to find people interested in buying products from where you live or where your route will take you. It is, in fact, a reward to be paid for the task you have undertaken of buying the item and delivering it to the recipient. Simple, quick and very advantageous for the pockets of tourists!