In this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II game reviewyou'll find out all about the latest game in the series. See the specifications and all the main information about the game that has been conquering many around the world.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Game Review
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II game review

This year's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II sees the return of Captain Price and Modern Warfare. The single and multiplayer campaign modes return, providing familiarity with the good and the bad. Is it a worthy sequel to the great Modern Warfare (2019)? The answer is... RIGHT!

The field is something new, something borrowed

In this year's campaign, you'll take control of Captain Price and his crew, including the return of everyone's favorite Ghost. All made up of seventeen fast-action, high-intensity missions. You'll find both the familiar and the new, with missions inspired by all your Call of Duty favorites from the past. With a surprise or two thrown in for good measure. The "ALONE" mission stuck with me, and maybe you should be on the lookout for that one too.

Another thing that really stood out in this campaign were the characters, old and new. Ghost and Soap's dynamic, in particular, was a lot of fun. Alejandro was a perfect addition to this beloved cast of characters, his introduction mission was fun!

I loved almost every second of this campaign. Unfortunately, two things affected this great experience. The first was a handful of graphical problems, such as textures not loading. Admittedly, these problems occurred during early access to the campaign, so you may not see them after the day one patch. 

The only other problem with the campaign is a mechanic, which made me jump between cars in a specific mission. It required such a level of precision in control that one step too far would miss a jump and die, forcing you to repeat that section. These two things combined were enough to bring down what was otherwise a stellar campaign. With all the gameplay you know and love.

Everyone's favorite mode has evolved

For many, multiplayer is the reason you buy any Call of Duty game and you'll be happy to know that, in terms of gameplay, this year's offering is as good as you'd expect. Boots on the ground, fast-paced action with modern weapons and all the usual modes are there too.

Team Death Match is still the most popular, but Kill Confirmed, Headquarters, Domination and more are still available. If you want something on a larger scale than the traditional 6v6 modes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II offers Ground War, the 32v32 mode that takes place on larger maps, or Invasion, which is a variant of Ground War involving AI as well as human players.

Speaking of maps for the standard game modes, there are ten to choose from, many of which are good - including one that I absolutely hated. We realized that these cards were balanced with different play styles in mind. The Santa Seña border post is my favorite, perhaps because it's a sniper's paradise due to its long lines of sight. 

Farm 18 is my favorite, with a narrow central building and great for SMG users who move quickly. Embassy is another great one, perhaps the most balanced of all the game styles. No matter how you play, there's a map for you!

If you want to be truly incredible, you'll need to adapt your style and loadout to each map. It's more important than ever to use different weapons this year. This is due to a major change in the weapon progression system, which will take some time to figure out. Gone are the days of having to unlock individual attachments for each weapon of each class. Unlockable attachments can be used on all weapons and don't need to be earned again. That's great, because earning/unlocking these attachments isn't easy.

For example, to get the laser I'd like to use on my M4, in previous games I'd only have to take that weapon to a specific level. However, this year I have to take the Signal 50 sniper rifle to level 3 before I can do that, I have to go up to level 44 just to unlock the Signal 50 to use. 

It sounds a bit complicated at first, but attachments are essential parts of a specific weapon's progression path. This means that you can't unlock certain attachments for use on any weapon without first using another weapon to unlock it. Although it's a bit long, it's great because it encourages experimentation with weapons.

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