The exclusivity of Travis Touchdown's latest adventures on the Nintendo Switch will therefore last a year. Just like the first two canonical parts of the series, No More Heroes 3 will therefore be given a port on all the other consoles at the moment, but also on PC during the fall. And Grasshopper Manufacture obviously promises that these reissues will benefit from preferential treatment: high definition graphics (without specifying which ones), increased frame rate and reduced loading times. In short, welcome improvements for a title that, on Switch, was regularly delayed for not so long.

A physical edition has also been announced for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series for US$ 60. This will include the game, a 70-page artbook, a CD with a selection of tracks from the game's original soundtrack and Travis' motorcycle license plate as a collector's bonus. Everything will be presented in a box with an original illustration by Yûsuke Kozaki, the license's historical character designer.

Review of the game No More Heroes 3
Image: Steam - Reproduction

Review of the game No More Heroes 3

After 11 years of waiting, Travis Touchdown fans can finally discover the latest adventures of the most insane character in Suda51's wild imagination, as No More Heroes 3 is finally available on Nintendo Switch. Since its announcement in 2019, the title has often been the subject of teasing on the internet, with its low-cost realization and resolution making it look like the game was stuck in the Wii U days. 

That's not entirely untrue since No More Heroes has been criticized for a completely sloppy technique. That's generally what the specialized press thinks, although some media outlets manage to forgive these flaws thanks to other qualities. We also note that despite the 75% average obtained on Metacritic, opinions are very divided and No More Heroes 3 is far from reaching a consensus. Of the 67 reviews listed, a good third believe that the game doesn't live up to expectations and that the game is literally overwhelmed by its outdated technique and general lack of finish.

The Switch struggles to display the game properly, with a completely strawberry 3D engine, a festival of aliasing and incredibly violent cut-outs. But that's not all, the art direction can't save the technical wanderings, with a blatant lack of homogeneity, not least because everything looks garish and tasteless. As for the frame-rate, it's also rising, with many drops, especially in the motorcycle stages. Some media outlets such as Gamespot, IGN and have not forgiven it for this dated achievement and their sanction is irrevocable.

One would think that the game is recovering in terms of its gameplay, but we have to believe that Suda51 really didn't have any faith left, since the game does nothing but repeat the same structure over and over again: arenas to clear that have all been copied and pasted without any thought. 

Likewise, the aliens who act as bosses are singularly lacking in charisma and are also disappointing on this point. That leaves the fights, which are still enjoyable, even entertaining, but that won't be enough to make No More Heroes 3 a convincing episode. Perhaps it's no coincidence that Suda51 has announced the end of the series.

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