Faith has been crucial for us to remain strong and confident in better days during these difficult times we are currently going through. We can be inspired by stories of faith and overcoming obstacles to stay connected to our beliefs.

With that in mind, we've chosen a list of apps that provide Christian content and gospel movies so you can watch and follow life-changing stories with your family. Check them out below. 

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How to watch gospel content via apps 

Before anything else, you need to know which channel to choose for your favorite content and to have access to gospel series and films. Free-to-air TV does not yet offer an exclusive channel for these titles. 

With technology constantly improving, it's now possible to watch your favorite movies and gospel TV shows online. It may not be your favorite Christian content, but there are usually some Christian movies and TV shows available on YouTube for free that have long runs.

However, in addition to cinemas, you can now watch all your movies and TV shows from anywhere using a tablet, smartphone, laptop, computer or digital television.

That's right; you pay a monthly subscription fee to the channel of your choice and get access to all the content, whether old or new, gospel content can be part of your daily life with just one subscription. 

Where to find gospel movies to watch 

Below we've listed the five best-known channels among the biggest platforms for watching your favorite Christian films and TV series, so you can compare them and choose the one that best suits your budget and offers the widest selection of content. Yes, you pay a monthly fee to access all the old or new content that is added throughout the month on the specific gospel channel you choose.


The Netflix platform offers a complete category with Christian films to watch called "Faith and Spirituality". Within this category, the app offers titles recognized worldwide, helping to further intensify faith and share good times with the family. 

Prime Video 

Prime Video doesn't have an exclusive category for gospel films, but it does offer its viewers a number of well-known titles, such as A Test of Faith, The Shack and God's Not Dead. 

Gospel Play

The Gospel Play platform offers its users an exclusive environment with gospel titles. Various movie titles, series, services and content aimed at Christian audiences are available. As well as current films, the platform also offers older titles that tell the story of how everything has changed and is different today. 

Univer Video

The Univer Vídeo platform also offers exclusively gospel content. The app belongs to the universal church and broadcasts various films, series and exclusive content from the church. The app is available for a 30-day free trial and offers content that reminds Christians of the importance of God in their lives and how much this strengthens them and builds up their homes. 


The channel that recently arrived in Brazil, the HBO platform, offers its users an extensive list of gospel films and series, where Christians can enjoy all the content and practice their faith together with their family, wherever they are. 

Titles to strengthen your faith 

We've put together a list of some of the titles that are available on the platforms mentioned above. To access the content, search for the app that best represents your personality and register to access the exclusive content available within each app. Check them out:

  • Blue Miracle - based on true events, this feature film tells the story of a man who needs to find a solution to keep his orphanage running and from closing its doors. With the help of a sailor, they take part in a fishing competition where they raise the money needed to keep the establishment open. 
  • Show Me the Father - this documentary tells the story of fatherhood from a different point of view, inviting the audience to reflect on the role of fathers in the lives of their children, as well as the importance of having God in our lives;
  • The Lost Husband - this movie tells the story of a wife who loses her husband and has to restart her life by showing strength to her children;
  • As Long As We're Together - in this Christian movie, a young couple, recently married, discover that the wife has terminal cancer. The movie tells of the strength to carry on when you have faith and believe in miracles;
  • On the Road to Faith - based on true events, the movie tells the story of a pastor and his departure from the church. The man questions the existence of hell and the teachings he has been given;
  • Heaven is for Real - based on a book written by a pastor, the movie tells the story of a child who underwent surgery and came back claiming to have had contact with angels in heaven. 

Now that you know a little more about each app and have checked out the tips on the most watched titles today, choose the platform that best fits your routine and download it to start watching and keeping up with all the gospel content available.  

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February 24, 2023