O Google Photos is one of the world's most popular photo storage and management services. Launched in May 2015, it quickly made a name for itself with its intuitive interface and the incredible features it offers users. These include artificial intelligence (AI) tools, which have transformed the way we organize, edit and share our digital memories.

Smart Organization

Grouping by People, Places and Things

One of the most impressive features of Google Photos is its ability to automatically group your photos by people, places and things. Using advanced facial recognition algorithms, the application can identify and group photos of the same person, making it easier to search for specific images.

How it works:

  • Face Recognition: Google Photos analyzes faces in photos and automatically groups images of the same person in an album. You can label these groups with names, making it easier to find all the photos of a particular friend or family member.
  • Locations: Using the location data embedded in photos (where available), Google Photos organizes your images by places, allowing you to explore your photos by different locations you've been to.
  • Objects and Things: The AI is also able to recognize common objects and scenes, such as "beach", "food" or "dogs", creating automatic categories to make searching easier.

Advanced Search

Searching in Google Photos is powerful and intuitive, thanks to AI. You can search for terms such as "birthday in New York" or "dog photos", and the app will find the relevant images.

Tips for making the most of it:

  • Simple Terms: Use simple keywords like "sea", "sunset" or "Christmas" to quickly find your photos.
  • Combinations: Combine different terms for a more specific search, such as "birthday John 2019".
  • People's names: If you have labeled the people in the photos, you can search directly for them by name.

Smart Editing

Automatic suggestions

Google Photos offers automatic editing suggestions, such as brightness, contrast and color correction adjustments. These suggestions are based on AI analysis, which identifies the points that can be improved in each photo.

How to use:

  • Tap "Edit" on Photo: When you select a photo and tap "Edit", Google Photos automatically suggests improvements.
  • Accept or Adjust: You can accept the suggestion with one touch or make manual adjustments to customize the edit.

Smart Filters

In addition to automatic suggestions, Google Photos offers a series of intelligent filters that you can apply to your photos. These filters are optimized by AI to bring out the best qualities of the image.

Tips for use:

  • Explore Filters: Try out different filters to see which best suits the style of your photo.
  • Intensity Adjustment: Use the slider to adjust the intensity of the filter, ensuring that it enhances the image without overdoing it.

Portrait editing

One of the areas where AI really shines is in portrait editing. Google Photos offers tools such as the "Background Blur" mode and the "Portrait Light" adjustment, which use AI to create professional effects.

Step by step:

  • Background Blur: Open a portrait, tap "Edit" and select "Background Blur" to highlight the subject of the photo.
  • Portrait Light: Use the "Portrait Light" tool to adjust the lighting and give your portrait a professional touch.

Creating and Sharing

Smart Albums

Smart albums are an easy way to organize and share your photos. Google Photos' AI can automatically suggest albums based on events or locations, and you can add collaborators so that other people can also contribute their photos.

How to Create:

  • Automatic Suggestions: Google Photos often suggests albums after significant events, such as trips or parties.
  • Add Collaborators: When creating or editing an album, you can add other people to collaborate, making the album a shared space of memories.

Creating Films, Animations and Collages

Google Photos' AI also allows you to automatically create movies, animations and collages from your photos and videos. These creations are a fun way to relive memories and share special moments.

How to do it:

  • Movies: Select several photos and videos, tap "Assistant" and choose "Movie". Google Photos will automatically compile a video with a soundtrack.
  • Animations: Choose a sequence of photos, tap "Assistant" and select "Animation" to create a GIF.
  • Collages: Select photos, tap "Assistant" and choose "Collage" to create a montage.

Easy sharing

Sharing photos with friends and family is simple and intuitive with Google Photos. You can share entire albums, individual photos or videos with just a few taps.

Sharing tips:

  • Share links: Create a share link to send via e-mail, message or social networks.
  • Shared Libraries: Set up a shared library with someone special to automatically share photos with them.
  • Google Lens: Use the integrated Google Lens to identify objects in photos and share relevant information directly.

Storage and Backup

Automatic backup

One of the greatest benefits of Google Photos is the automatic backup of your photos and videos. This ensures that your memories are always safe and accessible from any device.


  • Backup Quality: Choose between "High Quality" (unlimited free storage, with compression) or "Original Quality" (full quality, with limited space on Google Drive).
  • Wi-Fi: Set the backup to occur only when connected to Wi-Fi, saving mobile data.

Space Management

Google Photos offers tools to help manage storage space, such as the possibility of freeing up space on the device by deleting photos already saved in the cloud.

How to use:

  • Free up space: In the settings menu, select "Free up space" to remove local copies of photos already saved in the cloud.
  • Account Storage: Monitor storage usage and receive suggestions on how to optimize the available space.

Google Photos is a powerful tool, packed with intelligent features that use AI to improve the organization, editing and sharing of your photos. From automatic grouping by people and places to sophisticated portrait editing tools, Google Photos offers a range of features that make users' lives easier and photo management a pleasurable experience.

Take advantage of everything Google Photos has to offer and let technology work for you!

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May 21st, 2024