Halloween Ends movie review The movie Halloween Ends brings its sequel to a shocking close. Every production has had its ups and downs. The franchise began in 1978 and has gone through countless sequels, reboots and remakes, with productions varying in quality. 

Halloween Ends movie review
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Halloween Ends movie review

The Halloween franchise has come to a shocking end. The story began in 1978, with productions varying in quality, and with ups and downs at all times.

Today you can find movies with countless sequels, reboots and remakes. The new production, Halloween Ends, is different from what most viewers imagined, as it finally puts the finishing touches to the confrontation between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. 

Even though the promise of the outcome is fulfilled in the movie, it follows a more direct path, which few fans of the franchise imagined. After the event of the massacre in Halloween Kills (2021), which spared no death, Myers adopts the method of disappearing. However, viewers know that evil never disappears. 

One of the main elements of the movie is undoubtedly the delay in viewers finally hearing Michael Myers' first gasping breaths under his mask. The beginning of the movie marks the rebirth of Laurie, who manages to rid herself of all her traumas. 

From that moment on, the character is able to get on with her life without fear, traps on the door or security locks. However, Ends is not led by the killer, nor by the victim. 

Evil incarnate 

Throughout the franchise, Michael Myers is said to be the "purest incarnation of evil". The character is insatiable and kills people, most of the time without any justification. However, to understand this origin, Ends bets on building a new threat. 

The context follows a character with whom we sympathize, we feel the same pains and feelings, such as anger and anguish. Finally, viewers root for him, until the lines are finally crossed. 

The construction of this character dictates the reins of the movie, showing the two types of villains: those by nature and those who are shaped by something that happens around them. However, even though there is this difference, they both follow the same line: terrorizing people during Halloween. 

It's common for viewers to have some doubts during the screening, especially about the evil not dying, but changing form. The movie follows the line of who is a psychopath, and the aberration, deciding when doors will be closed and opened in the atmosphere of "Michael Myers' apprentice". 

As the movie unfolds, an unprecedented threat arises, and this causes Laurie to make her decisions. In a confrontation that follows, a new evil is introduced, with different outcomes for both sides. 

Isolated Chapters

In principle, even though they are sequels, David Gordon Green's productions function as isolated chapters in the movie. If Michael Myers started the slasher scene in 1970, he is now responsible for rekindling this subgenre. 

In short, even if the franchise has the capacity to reinvent itself, although the chances are slim, they corroborate a genre where Michael Myers is considered the "bogeyman". And at all times, the character likes to challenge death definitively. 

Overall, the movie is very positive, especially for fans of the franchise. That's because, as well as homages, surprises and conclusions, in Ends, Halloween seems to have finally found its ending. However, everyone hopes that the sequel will continue, with or without the villain Michael Myers. 


Halloween Ends balances the main elements of its predecessors. That's because, while it recaptures the love for the first film, the production also lets go of the past and messes up where it needs to. 

To create a respectful message with the fans, the producers create a fun atmosphere and keep the conversation sincere. In other words, the producers make it clear that anything can happen on Halloween. 

And for fans who have always hoped for the return of the iconic Michael Myers, there are small nods to the balance of the franchise. And realizing that it has finally found its place is a great relief. 

During the production of Halloween Ends, Jamie Lee Curtis always made it clear: it's something that no viewer can predict. In that sense, only by watching can you find the answers.

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