The long-awaited Horizon Forbidden West has finally arrived, taking players on an epic journey through stunning landscapes and facing ferocious machines in a post-apocalyptic world. In this blogpost, we'll explore the key points of this exciting title, delving into its gameplay, stunning graphics and, of course, the best weapons to face the challenges the game presents.

Game review Horizon Fobidden West

On a horizon where expectation meets reality, Horizon Forbidden West emerges as a shining beacon, promising to take players on an epic journey through unknown lands and formidable machines.

1. A Visually Stunning Journey

One of the first elements that captivates players in Horizon Forbidden West is its impressive graphic quality. Developed for the latest generation platforms, the game raises visual standards, offering stunning landscapes and incredible detail in the machines and characters. Each region is unique, from the vast wilderness to the ruins of ancient cities, providing an immersive experience that grips players from start to finish.

2. Enhanced Gameplay and New Challenges

The gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West retains the elements that made its predecessor a success, but with notable improvements. Aloy, the skilled hunter, returns with new skills and weapons, while facing even more formidable machines. Exploration is a strong point of the game, with a vast open world full of secrets to discover. Side quests and various activities add depth to the narrative and provide hours of additional gameplay.

3. Captivating Narrative and Memorable Characters

The story of Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy's saga, unraveling mysteries about the past and introducing new characters who will leave a lasting impression on players. Aloy faces moral dilemmas, exploring the remains of a lost civilization, and every choice the player makes shapes the course of the narrative. The engaging script is backed up by impressive voice acting, bringing the characters to life in a way that resonates emotionally with the audience.

4. The Best Weapons for Survival in the New Forbidden West

The Horizon Forbidden West experience wouldn't be complete without the impressive weapons that players have at their disposal to face the robotic threats. The best weapons include:

Electric Storm Precision Bow

This bow, equipped with electrified arrows, is ideal for confronting electric machines. Its ability to cause temporary paralysis in machines offers a significant strategic advantage during confrontations.

Mortal Shadow Record Launcher

This spear not only throws sharp disks at high speed, but also has modifications that significantly increase the damage it does. It's a formidable choice for taking on long-distance machines.

Earth Fury Explosive Lance

Ideal for taking on tougher machines, this lance fires explosives that cause devastating damage. It's a strategic choice for confrontations against tough enemies.

A Masterpiece of Games

Horizon Forbidden West not only meets expectations, but exceeds them in many ways. With a gripping narrative, enhanced gameplay and stunning graphics, the game is a masterpiece that will captivate fans of the series and new players alike. 

Explore Every Corner of the Map

The New Forbidden West is vast and full of wonders and dangers. Don't hesitate to explore each region, as there are hidden secrets, captivating side quests and valuable resources that can strengthen your journey.

Invest in Improvements for Aloy

Aloy has a robust skill tree that can be customized according to your playing style. Prioritize skills that align with your preference, whether it's stealth, melee combat or using a bow, to maximize your effectiveness in combat.

Try Different Weapons

The New Forbidden West is inhabited by a variety of machines with different weaknesses. Try out different weapons to find out which ones stand out in each situation. Always have a variety on hand, from specialized bows to powerful spears.

Take advantage of Traps and Interactive Environments

Use the environment to your advantage. Traps, vegetation to hide behind and vantage points can be crucial in combat. Be strategic when planning your attacks, taking into account the terrain around you.

Manage Your Resources Wisely

Resources such as medicinal herbs, rare metals and ammunition are essential. Make sure you collect them regularly and use them wisely. Crafting items can save your life at crucial moments.

Focus on the Story, but Don't Ignore the Side Quests

The main plot is captivating, but the side quests offer depth to the world and valuable rewards. Don't hesitate to explore these side stories, as they often add layers to the main narrative.

Improve Your Assembly Machines

Mounts are more than just means of transportation. Upgrade your mountable machines to gain advantages such as greater speed, endurance and even the ability to attack enemies while riding.

The best weapons in the game, each with their own unique utility, offer players a wide variety of strategic options to face the threats of the New Forbidden West. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through this magnificent world full of challenges.

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January 23, 2024