The gardening and plants app helps gardeners to identify different species, especially those new to growing plants. In short, this platform works in all cases, whether at home or anywhere else

Application for plants and gardens

Most people don't know it, but there are apps for identifying plants in gardening. These platforms help gardeners on a daily basis, especially beginners.

These applications have been developed to make people's daily lives easier, organize harvesting and optimize farmers' time. However, to access all these advantages, you need to find out what services the identification system offers.

So, when you come across a plant species you don't know, you can check it using your smartphone. It's worth noting that the app works with weeds and trees, not just flowers.

In any case, technology is increasingly helping people's daily lives, regardless of the situation. You can find various platforms that provide this information, available for download on Android and iOS operating systems.

Why it's important to know the plant species

To begin with, every gardener should know the species of their plants, especially in order to look after them properly. After all, as most of you can imagine, plants are different from each other.

Some species need daily watering, while others don't like excess water. In addition, some need to be exposed to sunlight, while others do not.

What is the best application for identifying a plant?

Technological advances are allowing human beings to be more careful while working in the garden. And experts in the field have developed apps that provide information on numerous plants and contribute directly to their daily care.

The platforms are present in the main app stores for smartphones, both Android and iOS. These tools basically have the same mechanism: users use their smartphone to take a photo of the species they want to identify.

On the other hand, there are more complete platforms, with free and premium options for gardeners on the go. In this sense, it is essential to know the best apps for identifying plants, whether they are weeds, flowers or trees.

So, if you're a gardening lover and want to learn about one of its species, these platforms are the best solution. Below are the best options available for Android and iOS.

Next, choose the application you like best and use all the information in the tool. Find out more below:

1. iNaturalist

iNaturalist is a very popular application among plant lovers in general. This platform features more than 10,000 species of plants, trees, flowers and living beings from all over the world.

This platform is available to Android and iOS users free of charge. By downloading it on your smartphone, users can get a lot of information by registering and sharing it with more users.

Users can also consult more information about the service directly from a web browser. In other words, as well as being available for the main mobile devices, the platform has its own website.

2. PlantNet

PlantNet is an application that is available for users of Android and iOS operating systems. Like the previous application, this system offers a wealth of information on its official website.

Another feature of the platform is the information provided through photos taken by the user. It is important to note that the application cannot identify ornamental plant species. In addition, it works best with photos taken against a uniform/smooth background.

3. PlantSnap

Another application available for Android and iOS users is PlantSnap. However, unlike the platforms mentioned above, it has a free version and a premium version.

Users can identify a series of plants from photos taken with their smartphone, such as plants, trees, flowers and other vegetation. The versions have varying prices depending on the system used, for Android R $ 20.00 and iOS R $ 12.00.

As with previous platforms, users can find more information on the official PlantSnap website. However, to make it easier to use, we recommend downloading the service on your device.