The King's Wife, released in 2022, is a movie that portrays the strength and gentleness of black women. Viola Davis, a multi-award-winning actress, is the main character in the film, which perfectly tells the story of African warriors. 

Review of the movie The Woman King
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The King's Wife movie

Since the announcement of The Woman King, before it became an object of appreciation, many people have expected a lot from the feature. Now that it has been released, it has left nothing to be desired. 

The film was well appreciated on extra criteria, without making exceptions for detailed looks and everything that carefully goes into a production. It is essential that audiences pay attention to every detail, from the narrative to the direction. 

When the production of The Woman King was announced, its aim was to become an art object. This film was written to highlight stories that have been made impossible, with characters who are unknown or overrated. In addition, it corrects injustices, designed to change social reality. 

A great example of productions with this impact is Black Panther. Although it's a hero movie, it was created to delight people all over the world, with undeniable entertainment. However, at the same time as it conveys this sense, it also highlights the history of the African continent. 

Films created with the aim of praising the history of a people, or correcting injustice towards black characters, could not be less than super audiovisual productions. And, ultimately, they serve to move even adults. 

Agojie warriors

The film The Woman King is inspired by the Agojie warriors, a group of women formed in West Africa, with the story centered on the 19th century. At that time, danger was taking shape in the European slave markets and local empires. 

The story is told from the perspective of Viola Davis' character, Nanisca, the general and leader of the Agojie group. However, in addition to the protagonist, we are introduced to the character of Thuso Mbedu, a girl who is offered a job in King Ghezo's kingdom. 

The film's initial budget was fifty million dollars, following in the footsteps of Braveheart and Gladiator. This production combines action and charm in meticulous and vivid scenes, especially in its depiction of the kingdom of Dahomey. 

For the large landscapes, some critics judge the use of special effects, and in some fight cuts to avoid graphic violence. Anyway, whether it's the excess of closed scenes or inaccurate captures, it doesn't detract from the construction of the movie at all. 


Among the characteristics of the film, we can't fail to mention the visually majestic production. All the sets breathe and are not artificial, further emphasizing the immersion of the cast and filmmaker during the scenes. 

Prince-Bythewood brings a helplessness to the warriors, something that is presented right from the start. As the actresses take on their features, the body work and ferocity are masterfully conveyed on screen. 

Anyway, as all viewers have come to expect, Viola Davis is a spectacle in her own right. Her character stands out for her fighting skills, facing the characters with palpable fury and command.

Another extremely immersive aspect is the care taken with cultural customs, especially in the dance rituals. The Woman King is a production full of historical inaccuracies, but fidelity to real history can be left aside, since it is not a documentary. 


The film's script was created by Dana Stevens and Maria Bello, following the group of female warriors who existed to create a narrative with universal themes such as community, honor and unity. The film follows feminist lines, as well as criticizing racism and the history of colonizers.

Anyway, the story of the movie is super interesting, with Amazons fighting for freedom in an epic historical setting. For viewers who are still bored by historical inaccuracies, there are other productions that aren't exactly faithful to history, such as Gladiator itself. 

As the story progresses, you can see less of Nanisca's arc to earn the name of the movie. Finally, from that moment on, we follow Nawi's journey to become a great Agojie when she arrives in the kingdom. 

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