There are several challenges that must be overcome by anyone who identifies as a Christian and an entrepreneur.

From starting a new business to keeping it going, it's often necessary to dedicate yourself to tasks in numerous areas without being able to rely on the help of other people, only on God's assistance. Because of this, there needs to be a lot of time management and organization. 

Fortunately, there are countless apps for entrepreneurs that you can use on a daily basis that are in line with the Bible. Find out how technology can be your ally in your routine as a Christian entrepreneur in the following post. See also some extremely useful apps that you can have on your smartphone. 

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How important technology is in the life of the Christian entrepreneur 

Being a good Christian businessman is part of becoming an entrepreneur. Knowing which venture is best for you and planning how to launch it are prerequisites for getting started. After that, it's important to manage your business well by learning about areas in which you don't always excel and keeping an eye on all its various aspects, such as: 

  • Managing risks;
  • Evaluate performance;
  • Attracting customers;
  • Follow the recipe;
  • Planning investments.

In other words, there are several tasks that have to be completed on a daily basis and that demand a lot of your attention. As a result, it's essential to consider the conveniences that technology offers. Finally, the numerous business applications promise a number of benefits, including:

  • Ease of planning;
  • Optimized organization;
  • Automatic calculations;
  • Online agenda;
  • Control of product sales and stock;
  • Easy-to-access communication with customers;
  • Social networking. 

Check out the full list of apps for entrepreneurship according to the Bible 

Now that you've understood a little more about what entrepreneurial apps are for and how they can help you on a daily basis, check out the list we've put together to help you, as a Christian, become even more entrepreneurial. 


One of the best solutions is Evernote for those who need to organize appointments, ideas, notes and audio and photo files. It creates multiple notes and groups them into topics that you can divide up to see things more clearly. Accessible via mobile devices, it's a great option for everyday personal use, as well as to help with business management. It enables integration with other devices, which is another benefit. You can access the same content on many devices. 


Qipu is designed for individual micro-entrepreneurs and offers both free and paid plans. With it, you can organize your finances in one place, view your expenses, declare your income taxes and keep track of when you have to pay them using smart calendars. Another benefit is the availability of consulting and accounting services to keep your business in order, which are included in the payment plans.


Trello stands out among organizational options because it's great for putting ideas and projects into action. The app's core functionality allows users to create task-specific cards that are organized into "to do", "doing" and "done" columns, which guarantees an excellent visualization of tasks, whether the cards are used for personal, professional or teamwork purposes. You can include videos, images and links, as well as set deadlines and track task progress - essential features for managing a team or doing a joint job. What's more, the application allows you to swap your cards around, making it easier to update your dashboard.


The aim of Slack, which resembles a social network, is to bring together teams of people who can collaborate by sharing project information as well as documents and images with each other, as if it were a group email. Slack provides direct and simple communication, allowing you to create individual and group conversations. It's perfect for use with colleagues, suppliers and even B2B clients. Another benefit is that it can be integrated with other programs such as Google Drive and your own Trello. This makes it possible to access documents quickly and online.


Canva is the best option for those who need to create content using images and videos, but don't have access to professional or collaborative software to do so. Here, you can create visual art for a variety of formats, including posts and website layouts. It's available in paid and free versions, and you can use it to change quick templates and make everything more unique and compatible with posting guidelines. This will make it possible to reach your audience more effectively and spread the word about your good or service.

Anyone starting a business needs to be aware of numerous business details. There are many different tasks that can be carried out because the employee often works alone or with few co-workers. Because of this, you may run out of time or be overwhelmed by all the information. 

Fortunately, there are technological options that help significantly in organizing and optimizing tasks. Apps for entrepreneurs are among them. You can keep track of everything that happens to them, whether in their personal or professional lives, and make faster and better decisions for your business. Did you like the examples we've mentioned? Now, share this article on social media and help other people, especially entrepreneurs and Christians like yourself. 

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February 14th, 2023