The best anti-theft apps can guarantee to keep all important documents and data safe. That's why the very idea of our smartphones being stolen is something that scares us to death. That's why we all need to install an app that works in unpredictable moments like Android theft for protection.

Best cell phone anti-theft apps
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Discover the best anti-theft cell phone apps

Your smartphone is like a safe, carrying more value than the actual price you paid for it. It contains all your private, confidential and personal information and as such, just like a safe, it needs proper reinforcement on a regular basis. 

In this content, we aim to provide you with some great apps that will give you peace of mind, ensuring that you have full control of your device, even when you're not around. Below are some of best anti-theft apps that will help you protect your device, your data and locate it in the event of theft. These Android apps are guaranteed to stop thieves in their tracks.

1. Cerberus Phone Security (anti-theft)

Cerberus Phone Security is one of the best anti-theft applications out there and undoubtedly the most popular. It offers a variety of features in a very comprehensive user interface, perhaps understandably because it only offers a one-week trial. 

The app helps not only to track your lost Android phone, but also to identify the thief on the move if stolen. Cerberus protects your device in 3 ways; with automatic alerts, remote control via SMS from another phone and remote control from the Cerberus website.

These features allow you to lock your device from wherever you are with just a code, or show a message that stays on the display and can also be spoken from the device. You can also sound the alarm even if the phone is in silent mode, track the phone by checking the location history and wipe the phone's memory and SD card to protect private information. It's definitely an app to try.

2. Where's my Droid

Where's My Droid is another great application with a very elegant and easy-to-use user interface. It lets you take full control of your stolen phone. You can give commands such as wipe data, sim change notification, image capture, phone lock and tracking.

Some of its special features include giving commands to your phone via text and activating anti-theft mode when it leaves a defined area. You can also remotely wipe data from the phone's storage and SD card, an unusual feature among anti-theft apps.

3. Mobile Security

Mobile Security, developed by the famous antivirus software developer McAfee, is another excellent application on this list. Its complete security package is one that can get you hooked on using this application. Like Avast, it emails the thief's photo to anyone who has their contact after several incorrect password entries. 

Its app lock feature guarantees high-level security of personal data with a secure pin that only you know. No one can access your information, even after successfully hacking into your phone. You can also remotely locate, track and wipe your device from the web portal.

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4. Secret Control - Anti-theft

Secret Control helps you track the smartphone that has been stolen. There is also information about what happened to your device. From there, you can delete any data you see fit.

The software mentioned above are the highlights as the best anti-theft apps for Android that can really help you at a time like this. When choosing a professional version of the app, it is recommended to use the trial version first to get a practical experience of the software. These apps are mandatory because they store documents and private information on our smartphones.