Lack of sleep is difficult to control. According to experts, humans need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night. The risk of damage is not only mental, but also to the body. One solution to getting to bed earlier and falling asleep faster is apps, which can be a great help! Sleep analysis, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga. There's a huge range on offer, so to help you out, take a look at the alternatives with the best apps for better sleepNext.

best apps for better sleep
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Discover the best apps for better sleep

Sleeping well is a reflection of sleep that is performing its function qualitatively. The role of sleep is essential for good mental health and, according to studies, 1 in 3 Brazilian adults do not sleep well.

This is a common occurrence around the world and in other countries. So if you're a stressed person who can't sleep peacefully every night, or who has trouble sleeping at the right time, take a look at these alternatives.

To kick-start this, you can train or do yoga, because it can help reduce stress. You can also use sounds to fall asleep, which have been proven to be effective by science. See the options below.

1. Headspace Meditation & Sleep

Is your stress preventing you from sleeping? We have found for you the app for better sleep that will allow you to cure these two very robust ailments! The Headspace Meditation & Sleep app includes sleep podcasts called "sleepcasts" and relaxing music to help you sleep better. But if you want, you can also find classes and meditations to reduce stress and improve concentration.

2. Calm

Are you tired of better sleep apps that only offer the sounds of birds or streams? The Calm is full of bedtime stories, soundscapes, music and meditations of all kinds! You can find sounds by your favorite melancholic artists, but also hear the sound of a washing machine. In addition, the app has a personal development side with its "Evaluation" function. 

3. Kardia Breath Relaxation

If you're stressed before going to bed, have you ever tried relaxation exercises? With Kardia Breath Relaxation, when you start your session, you have a circle that widens and widens corresponding to when you should exhale and inhale. During this time, the app also plays relaxing music. 

You can choose to mute your phone's sound and vibrations to avoid any disturbing elements, such as a notification. 

4. iSnore

Snoring is very common among men, but it can sometimes become restrictive when you sleep with your girlfriend. In order to know when we snore during the night, but also the power of our snoring, the iSnore app records and communicates with us. It also offers solutions to enable us to stop snoring with lifestyle change tips.

The app integrates with Apple Health for regular sleep monitoring.

5. Meditation and Sounds

Do you never know what to do or think during meditation? Meditation & Sounds by Verv allows you to immerse yourself in guided meditation. You can also listen to stories which are, however, in English. You can improve your English even while you sleep. The app also allows you to listen to sounds such as delta waves or nature.


These were the main options among the best apps for better sleep. Most of them are free and have been tested by thousands of users around the world. You can use them to sleep well every day.

Meditation techniques also have an impact on our sensations and our brain. They also allow us to develop certain parts of the brain. If you often get caught up in an emotional turmoil when you're lying in bed and can't stop the flow of thoughts, meditation can be a real support for you.