One bus app is ideal for those who need to use transport services on a daily basis. In this article, we've selected the best options on the market so that you don't miss the route of each bus available.

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What is the best bus app for tracking routes?

Technology is revolutionizing many industries today, including transport. While most apps dedicated to this area are paid for, Moovit stands out for offering interesting features to everyone who uses public transport, completely free of charge.

Moovit is a free app, available for Android and iOS. It aims to revolutionize the field of public transport. It is also the most widely used tool in the world in this sector, especially in New York, Bogotá, London, Paris and Madrid. It currently has more than 3 million users.

Moovit offers Mobility-as-a-service solutions, the latter being a concept that transforms mobility into convenience for citizens. Its aim is to bring together different travel services and alternatives on a single platform.

How does Moovit work?

Moovit has many features. It is divided into 4 tabs:

  • Map: used to find the nearest public transport (buses, streetcars, subways, bicycles, etc.)
  • Schedules: a menu that groups the settings together.
  • Navigate : allowing you to plan a trip.
  • Information and form traffic with the application designers.

How Moovit works is relatively simple. The user must first register. They can then indicate their favorite routes and save them so that they can access them more easily next time. They can also choose their preferred mode of public transport, make an estimate or set a maximum walking distance. In addition, Moovit allows users to anticipate their journeys, informing them of traffic problems and providing information about stations.

Where's the bus?

Cadê o Ônibus is one of the real-time bus apps that was built specifically for the São Paulo region. It is the largest city in the Brazilian country and has very extensive public transportation. It makes use of the location of your cell phone, informing you of all the stops that are closest to you, as well as the lines you should be using. It also provides information about the metro and trains. With this app, you can:

  • search for different bus stops;
  • view the location of the bus you use;
  • check the bus arrival forecast;
  • use the Favorites alternative to have your favorite lines always saved in the app;
  • checking the best route available to your desired destination;
  • track the departure time from the terminal;
  • accessible metropolitan map;
  • see all the bus stops around you;
  • can also help other users of the bus app.

Google Maps

For journeys in cities not covered by Citymapper or Moovit, the easiest way is to consult Google Maps . Although this is not its main purpose, the application includes a very effective transportation route module. Departure and arrival points are indicated there before selecting the icon symbolizing a metro. The result is a list of recommended routes with the possibility of refining the search according to a specific mode of transport.

Google Maps provides general information, detailing the timetables, ticket frequencies and stops served by the subways, trains, buses and streetcars that make up the chosen route. The more foresighted can plan their next journeys based on the scheduled departure or arrival times, while night owls can access the latest timetables of the day.

Why use a bus app?

The bus app is very useful for people who need to be aware of the transport route. It ensures that every journey is as quick and pleasant as possible. First, it can calculate the best route. It then provides you with alternative routes so that, in the event of a breakdown or change of stops, you can choose another one more easily.

For each of your journeys, the bus app informs you:

  • The duration;
  • The number of stops and their names;
  • waiting times.

Then simply launch the live app to be guided along the way, a bit like a GPS. But in addition to the basic functionalities of the bus app, it also integrates other options, such as the possibility of reporting on the punctuality of a bus line, the cleanliness of a metro or the flow of passengers. This is one of the elements that has made it popular all over the world.