The latest innovation for augmented reality and 3D technology enthusiasts, the virtual reality headset or VR headset displays an impressive level of realism. No other equipment allows such immersion in the heart of the game. Given the prices, it's important to take your time before buying. HTC, HP, Oculus, meet the best virtual reality headsetsl and find what you need.

4 best virtual reality headsets
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4 best virtual reality headsets

Choosing a good brand is essential when you want to buy a good mid-range product, or even a good high-end product. However, the most popular brands (and often the most expensive) are not always the best. In fact, it's not uncommon for the best-known brands to invest more in marketing than in the manufacturing quality of their products. Take a look at the cost-effective options below.

1. Playstation-VR

PlayStation VR offers an affordable, high-quality introduction to virtual reality. Most experiences won't be as sharp as on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

The PlayStation VR Virtual Reality Headset can be used with all PlayStation 4 models, including the original PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. This VR headset is made mainly of curved white plastic, with a prominent visor that houses most of the electronic components and a single thick headband that goes over the back of the head. It's quite heavy, but it's not bulky either.

Like other VR headsets on the market, the PlayStation VR will have the difficult task of fully immersing you in a video game, displaying two images simultaneously and sending them to a headset a few meters away. But unlike competing devices, which require expensive graphics cards to do the job, PlayStation VR does it using only the PlayStation 4's integrated GPU! It achieves this thanks to the PlayStation Camera tracking 9 different points of light on the headset, as well as the lights on the Move controllers or the DualShock 4, depending on the game you're playing.

2. HP Reverb G2

The HP Reverb G2 reaches the top of the consumer VR headset rankings with the best resolution. Its colorimetry and the precision of its motion tracking are also its charm.

The HP Reverb G2 promises ultra-realistic virtual immersion thanks to an exceptional resolution of 2160 x 2160 px per eye. No brand can do better in the consumer range! Consolidating this resolution supported by impeccable colorimetry, the 4 tracking cameras included in the improvements made to the Windows Mixed Reality tracking system accentuate the realism of this VR headset. The field of view is, however, limited to 114°, but the whole remains satisfactory.

In terms of ergonomics, the HP Reverb G2 is set up to be worn for hours. Larger cushions than its predecessor offer better comfort and Velcro straps allow the headband to be adjusted. And in terms of controllers, gamers are happy to find models with motion detection, enjoying a really easy grip. The downside is that even with two AA batteries each, the battery life of the controllers in this VR headset only lasts around ten hours.

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3. Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is a substantial improvement on the Quest in almost every respect. Thus, the VR headset becomes much more accessible for beginners, while remaining complete for experienced users.

The Oculus Quest 2 will take you into game worlds and access 360° video content and applications. It's similar to the original Oculus Quest in that it's a standalone, battery-powered headset so you can move freely in your physical and digital gaming spaces. This VR headset comes with 2 controllers, which now offer twice the battery life of the controllers that came with the original Oculus Quest.

In addition, there are some minor redesigns compared to the original. The new design makes the controllers a little thicker in the hand and easier to hold, and the battery compartment cover slips less during intense gaming sessions. Oculus has upgraded the processor from the Snapdragon 835 to the Snapdragon XR2 derived from the Snapdragon 865. Even better, the new processor offers a significant performance boost over the original Quest. It also gets an additional 2 GB of RAM, for a total of 6 GB. The screen jumps to 1920 x 1832 in each eye, up from 1600 x 1440 previously.


Top choice for the general public, equipment of choice for professionals, the HTC Vive Pro 2 revolutionizes the world of VR headsets with a 5K RGB LCD display.

The HTC Vive Pro 2 has achieved a great feat in terms of resolution: with a 2.5K screen per eye, the brand has managed to eliminate the 'grid' effect so that we no longer see the lines of the pixels. The rendering of this VR headset is therefore very natural; some users even report that it can be disturbing during the first few uses, especially as you get a 120° field of view. In fact, the realism of the images, texts and shapes provides an excellent immersive experience in the virtual world.

In terms of comfort, this VR headset certainly revives the design and adjustment mode of its predecessor, but the HTC Vive Pro 2 is made better with thicker foam for better comfort during prolonged use and to satisfy those who must wear glasses. Objective achieved, even if the inside of the visor heats up quickly! In terms of sound, this VR headset uses the same high-resolution audio system that offers good spatial sound.