Advances in technology have enabled people to carry out various day-to-day activities. However, there are other ways of using the internet, such as changing your appearance. Discover the best apps for changing eye color. 

Best apps for changing eye color
Image: Pixabay - Reproduction

Best apps for changing eye color

Some people are interested in changing the color of their eyes, either literally or by wanting to find out what they would look like. Thanks to technological advances, it's possible to change eye colors using apps.

With the best appearance-changing tools, users can change their eye color to the one they really want. However, in order to achieve this feat, the first step is to discover the applications with this functionality. 

So, if you like taking selfies and making personalized edits, these tools should not be missing from your smartphone. Discover the best apps for changing eye color. 

1. Real Eye Color Changer

Real Eye Color Changer is one of the applications available for changing the appearance of your eyes. By downloading this tool, users can change their eyes to different colors. 

Since it's a simulation application, it's very easy to select the colors you want to test freely. Finally, with a large list of colors and lenses, users can have fun and make any changes they want.

To start using this platform, users don't have to pay anything for the features available. The app is available for users of the Android and iOS operating systems.

2. Eye color Changer

Eye Color Changer is an app that changes users' eyes, but the color looks natural. This is one of the most used apps by people looking to simulate and edit photographs. 

Another feature of the application is the possibility of adding magical effects to the images, including the pupil. This tool also has the option of changing the color of the hair, adding even more fun for users. 

With adjustable pointers, users can change the intensity of the color of their eyes and hair. It is worth noting that it is possible to use an existing photo from the gallery or use the camera itself to take a selfie.

Unlike the previous app, Eye Color Changer is available to download from the official Android store. Those interested can also download it from the platform's official website. 

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3. Eye Color Changer

With the help of Eye Color Changer, users can change their eye color for free. As soon as you access it for the first time, you can change the color of your eyes and stimulate your contact lenses. 

Finally, with this eye color changer, you can try out many different styles. The effects can be tested on existing photos or selfies. You can change the eyes to green, blue and even cats. 

Among the features available in this modifier are: a collection of colored lenses, ease of use, sharing of modified photos, completely free application, all styles of eye lenses, among others. 

If you want to use Eye Color Changer, download the tool to your smartphone. You can find it on the official website or in the Android app store. 

4. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is yet another platform that offers users a multitude of modifications. In fact, this application is one of the most popular among people, as it has a number of features. 

With high-quality technology, you can modify your favorite photos from the gallery or take an exclusive selfie on the app's camera. The app is available in the official Android and iOS store.

5. PicsArt

PicsArt is yet another platform available for modifying your favorite images. In addition to the possibility of changing the color of your eyes, users can also add various special effects to the photo. 

Once you've edited the photo, the next step is to save the image to your official gallery. If you wish, you can share the results on your favorite social networks, such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

To get to know PicsArt, go to your smartphone's official app store and search for the name. Then download it for free. The tool is available for Android and iOS.