Most people are interested in finding out how to see your city via satellite in real time. After all, this way you can avoid traffic and get to your destination faster. Check it out below. 

How to see your city via satellite in real time
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How to see your city via satellite in real time

Real-time satellite observation is a possibility that few people know about. This tool has a number of benefits for users, especially in terms of traffic. 

By accessing the satellite in real time on your device, you can see what the traffic is like, for example. This helps users get to their final destination quickly. 

Today there are numerous platforms that offer this great feature to users. Want to know how to see your city via satellite in real time? The first step is to find out which applications offer this service.

How real-time satellite works

Technology has made people's daily lives simpler. This is because your device can carry out various activities, such as: paying bills without having to leave the house, calling a driver from anywhere and at any time, knowing the quickest route to your destination, among others. 

Most people don't even realize it, but there are many tools that make people's daily lives easier. Using a smartphone, users can do countless things, such as watch the satellite in real time. 

How to view your city in real time on the satellite

First of all, one of the best apps for seeing your city in real time is Google Maps. This tool is the most downloaded in the main app stores, thanks to its many features. 

Users can use various functions with Google Maps, such as searching for a location, creating a route and even viewing traffic conditions in real time. In this way, it is possible to avoid inconveniences on the way to home, work or any other environment. 

With the help of the Google Maps satellite, it is possible to perform a number of functions. Users can see various details of their area, such as houses, businesses and companies. 

The biggest advantage of this platform is undoubtedly the possibility of watching everything in the highest definition. After all, who hasn't seen images taken with Google Maps? This service is complete and fundamental to people's daily lives. 

How to set up the satellite in real time on your computer

If you want to view the map in real time on your computer, the first step is to go to the official Google Maps website. If your location is switched on, the current area will be shown. If not, you need to configure it. 

If the user wants to search for a specific location, this can also be done via the platform. In this case, you need to type in the specific region at the top left of your screen. 

When you type in the name of the region, select the small square window at the bottom of your screen where it says "Satellite". It's important to note that users can change the style in which the image is displayed. 

Another feature of Google Maps is the possibility of viewing regions in 3D. By accessing it, users can get a good view of the region. In short, the whole procedure is simple, even if people think otherwise. 

Best platforms for tracking satellites in real time

Google Maps is not the only tool that users can use to view satellites in real time. Check them out below:

1. Gosur

Gosur is a service that provides various images of the Earth in real time. By accessing it, users are able to "travel" around the world directly from the screen of their device. 

Another feature of the model is the possibility of visualizing the wind map, indicating its direction on Earth. 


INMET is another service that provides real-time images from satellites. Through this platform, people can get information about the weather in every region of the country. 

This site offers users the chance to download images that can be used for academic work or similar. 

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3. Apollo 11

As of now, Apollo 11 does not make images available to users. On the other hand, it does allow you to view videos and images from different regions of the world, which are updated hourly.