Watch soap operas and TV for free via the app is a subject that raises many people's curiosity. After all, through these streaming platforms, users can enjoy their favorite chapters at any time. Check it out below. 

Watch soap operas and TV for free via the app 
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Watch soap operas and TV for free via the app 

Watch soap operas and TV for free via the app is a possibility that all lovers of this type of entertainment should know about. Through these services, users can find the chapters of their favorite shows.

If you're a TV fan and like to enjoy every chapter of the soap opera, these platforms allow you to enjoy it at any time, straight from your smartphone. These apps were created for those who want to enjoy soap operas whenever and wherever they want. 

By downloading the app, users can enjoy the chapters on all devices, such as smartphones, computers, iPads, tablets and more. First of all, you need to get to know these platforms. Check them out below:

1. digital TV

Currently, there are several devices with Android operating systems that allow you to access digital TV, which do not require internet access. 

In other words, to access your favorite programs, including soap operas, you can connect an antenna to the respective input. 

2. PlayPlus

PlayPlus is a streaming service with a range of exclusive content for subscribers. The app is available to all users of different operating systems, such as Android and iOS. 

This app is similar to Globo Play, but was created exclusively by the TV station Rede Record. The content covers a range of genres, with live broadcasts to enjoy straight from your smartphone.

When accessing the platform for the first time, users can enjoy a range of content, such as soap operas, newspapers and more. It is worth mentioning that there are exclusive partnerships with the streaming service, such as Disney, Play Kids and ESPN. 

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3. GloboPlay

GloboPlay is a streaming service created by Rede Globo. Among the advantages of the application is the possibility of watching your favorite programs whenever and wherever you want. However, some content is exclusive and requires a subscription starting at R $19.90 per month. 

Although there is exclusive content on the platform, it is possible to access the broadcaster's live programming for free. In this way, users can watch various programs, including Globo's exclusive soap operas. 

However, in addition to the broadcaster's soap operas, users can also enjoy more content, such as Mais Você, Encontro, Jornal Nacional, É de Casa and more. Some exclusive programs and series are also available, but you have to pay for the plan. 

4. SBT

Broadcaster SBT also provides its content completely free of charge. Unlike GloboPlay, users don't have to pay any additional fees to enjoy all of the broadcaster's programming, including soap operas. 

The application is available for users of the Android and iOS operating systems. It is worth noting that the platform uses the location of the smartphone itself to provide people with local programming and content. 

To access all this content for free, simply register on the platform. Once you've logged in, enjoy SBT's programming whenever and wherever you want!

5. Bandplay 

Bandplay is another streaming service for those who want to enjoy the programming of this television station. Like the SBT platform, it makes content available according to the location of the smartphone, including soap operas. 

With a simple and intuitive interface, users can navigate this streaming platform with ease. One of Band Play's main features is the ability to create tabs of recent shows.

Bonus: Novelas Play

With Novelas Play, users can enjoy their favorite soap operas whenever and wherever they want. Among the advantages of the service is the possibility of accessing the programs completely free of charge. 

Another feature of Novelas Play is that it shows soap operas from different countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela and, not least, Brazil. Users can also enjoy soap operas from Globo, Record, SBT, among others. 

All the videos broadcast on this app come from YouTube and Dailymotion, which offer users complete soap operas. Finally, once you have downloaded the platform, you can access a range of content wherever and whenever you want. Although it's free, it does display ads.