Many Christians may wonder whether evangelical dating apps and sites exist in an effort to find the perfect partner and establish a relationship based on biblical foundations. 

There are many people who follow Christ and want to build a life with someone who shares their principles, so surfing the internet to find a healthy and happy relationship is possible.

For this reason, many people use internet resources to meet new people and create the possibility of constructive relationships.

Today we've brought you a list of evangelical apps that are available for free. Take a look at each one and choose the one that best suits your ideal romantic life.

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Why use a Christian dating app 

Many people have already found love online. And many marriages today are the result of online love, for those who don't know. In other words, everyone who wants to meet new people has the chance to do so on the internet.

This is no different in the Christian world. I have to say that many young evangelicals are also supporting this innovation, which has already proved successful for many Christian men and women.

But is Christian internet dating successful? Yes, it works, but there are some precautions that must be taken because it is possible for someone to pretend to be a Christian while trying to deceive you.

The Bible instructs us to be vigilant, doesn't it? It is therefore advisable to ask for someone's social media account information if you know them online, such as their Facebook or Instagram username. This is crucial, without a doubt, as it will help you get to know the person you're talking to better. In other words, you'll be able to check out what kind of person is involved by posting photos, videos and quotes.

Check out the relationship apps according to biblical foundations 

1- Love in Christ

Adults and young people who identify as Christians and are looking for a serious relationship often use apps. This app was created to bring together families and people with similar goals. As it has a feature that searches for people based on their current location, the app called Amor em Cristo is recognized among its users as a Tinder aimed at the evangelical public. To use the app, simply complete a brief registration process after downloading it from the Play Store. 

2- Divine Love 

When it comes to finding a life partner, Divine Love, one of the most used dating apps, is one of the most sought-after options. Users are directed to create a profile after downloading the app, which includes information about their profile, choices and what they are looking for in a partner.

When registration is complete, the app provides a link called "you up?" where users can click on it when they want to talk to someone else. Your profile data is shown to other compatible users in the app, allowing you to communicate with potentially similar partners.

It is available for Android users and can be used completely free of charge. 

3- Be2 

This app is not exclusively for Christian people, but Be2 does have a religious preference filter. Be2 is a great option that can also be used as a Christian love app and is well known for its many means of compatibility. Discerning users and adults alike make use of this feature. It's free, but there's also a paid version that offers more sophisticated features.

4- Christian Dating for Free

The free app "Christian Dating for Free" is one of the best-known apps for meeting Christian singles around the world, with millions of users and success stories. This app is only available in English. However, you must fill out a questionnaire with some personal information and romantic preferences before using the program. This is crucial, as the app's algorithm will be able to identify the type of person you are looking for and will help you find them by taking shorter routes.

Anyone who still has concerns about the privacy and security of their information and data when using internet dating apps can rest easy. The apps we mentioned above follow their users' privacy and data security policies to the letter. Our advice is to use nicknames and pseudonyms in your profile and only reveal your real identity to those you want to meet outside the apps if you're looking for even more privacy and security.

Remember that using a dating app to find a suitor is just one way of meeting new people. For this potential love to develop into a Christ-based relationship, it must leave the screens of phones and go through all the stages that any other serious relationship would go through. 

We wish you luck in your search for genuine love. Until next time.

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February 20th, 2023