Despite some people's beliefs to the contrary, the Bible speaks of financial and material prosperity. More than a hundred Bible verses specifically mention money between the Old and New Testaments. Many of the distortions that are prevalent among Christians are the result of a lack of understanding around this issue. Understanding the true meaning of prosperity in the Bible is crucial for this reason.

During his earthly ministry, the real Jesus talked about money or riches. Almost a quarter of his words involve financial activities in some way. Numerous of Jesus' parables also incorporate some kind of financial logic into their narrative.

To help you prosper even more, we've created an article with several apps that show you how to save your money and invest in businesses that are even more profitable considering the Bible. Check out all the details below. 

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How to prosper using money-saving apps according to biblical foundations 

The assistance you've been looking for can be found in money-saving apps. They help you keep track of your spending, manage your investments, make travel-related savings and even reduce daily expenses by avoiding unnecessary spending.

It's a great benefit that technology has given us. You can avoid major expenses by using apps and you don't have to pay anything in return.

Do you want to learn about some useful apps for prosperity? Take a look at the list of apps we've selected exclusively for this purpose and learn how to save your money even more in accordance with what the Bible says. 

Apps for prosperity considering the Bible 

Saving money is one of the best ways to prosper according to the Bible. Better money management can benefit everyone; it's not just something that big businessmen do. Saving money makes you much better organized financially. 

There are many financial apps available today that can help Christians who want to start saving money to monitor the investment market and learn more about it. Check out the full list of apps that will help you prosper: 

1- Investing 

One of the most popular apps today for those who are just starting to invest is Investing. With information on more than 20 million financial instruments, it allows you to monitor market news and stock movements in real time.

The ability to create and customize your own stock portfolio and access to sector-specific expert reports stand out among this app's distinctive features. Both a browser version and an Android and iOS version of Investing are available.

2- Kinvo

Kinvo's app is simple and easy to use, and its main objective is to make investment management easier. A graphical analysis of the user's investment portfolio and the option to register other investment portfolios for comparison are among the features offered by the app.

You can download the app in its free version, but you can also buy the platform's premium plan to get access to the risks and returns of each app, as well as notification alerts and dividends. You can use Kinvo on mobile devices and on the web (Android and iOS).

3- Bloomberg 

If this is your first time investing, you can't go wrong: bet on Bloomberg, which uses its app as a reference when discussing financial markets. Major players in the sector use this app, which provides information from a variety of platforms, in addition to its own content that is made available via television, radio and the internet.

The Bloomberg app allows users to follow information on the financial market, commodities market, exchange rate, taxes and a variety of other indices. You can also access daily market news and sign up for alerts on your favorite stocks. iOS and Android users can download the app.

4- Yahoo! Finance 

With excellent ratings, one of users' favorite financial apps is Yahoo! Finance. Similar to the Bloomberg app, it also allows users to follow current stock prices and financial markets while selecting their favorite stocks to receive alerts.

For those who want the latest information before making an investment decision, the financial app is great because it provides information and notifications in real time. What's more, the tool for comparing market information via interactive graphs is a real eye-catcher. Available for Android and iOS.

Now that you know some apps to prosper according to the Bible, start organizing your finances and spending more wisely, discipline is essential. No matter how absurd the thought of spending money may seem, try to protect it and always keep your attention on the goals you want to achieve, always putting your thoughts in God's hands. 

It's crucial to realize the importance of money management if you want to improve your budget. But doing this alone won't be enough to bring about significant changes. Start small, reducing the expenses that don't interfere with your routine and, over time, you'll see what can be done better to ensure that you have money left over at the end of the month. 

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February 18th, 2023