The Feudeymon spell, exclusive gifts for PlayStation and beyond, Sebastian's surname changed to French or even information revealed very soon. Here's everything you shouldn't miss this week on the Hogwarts Legacy next to the official announcements!

Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy: One of the most desired games on Steam

This week has been full of information about Hogwarts Legacy. Firstly because we were treated to a new trailer set in the heart of the Forbidden Forest and Dark Magic during Gamescom 2022, but also because the Deluxe and Collector's editions of the game were revealed. In fact, it was the whole month of August that allowed us to find out much more about one of the most anticipated titles of the decade, namely with the announcement of the release date of February 10, 2023.

In short, we've been spoiled rotten, but it doesn't stop there. If you think outside the box and the public announcements, venturing a little further into the official website, the community manager's tweets or even Reddit, you may come across a goldmine of exclusive information. Below you'll probably find things you've probably seen as Potterheads, but also some details that deserve your attention. 

Hogwarts Legacy FAQ

After Gamescom, the FAQs on the official website have been revamped. The release date section still says "late 2022", a careless mistake, but many other answers have been added to provide us with additional information about Hogwarts Legacy. In short, here's what else we've learned from this FAQ:

  • The non-exhaustive list of courses that can be attended: "courses in spells, defense against the forces of evil, botany and potions, during which they will meet their teachers, cast spells, grow magical plants, prepare potions and much more." Of course, there will also be lessons in broom-making, divination and probably the care of magical creatures.
  • Hogwarts Legacy progression: you'll have to take Hogwarts classes to learn new things, but also access upgrades, talents and skills. You'll also have to face challenges to gain experience and develop skills, but also unlock magical equipment.

Also on the official website, under the Community tab, you can download a zip folder full of HD wallpapers for the game!

Increasingly powerful spells

You'll have understood by virtue of the recent trailer, and you'll have the opportunity to wield Black Magic and learn the unforgivable spells that are Avada Kedavra, Cruciatus and Imperium. But that's not all. Our character will obviously control immense power (in addition to his old magic) and will be able to learn spells like the Feudeymon found in JK Rowling's saga and in the eighth film when Gregory Goyle used it in the Room of Requirement. Extremely powerful, the poor Slytherin can't control it and it's also one of the only spells capable of destroying a Horcrux.

Nothing is confirmed for the moment, it could simply be a matter of a fire taken to the max, but it still indicates immense magical power.

A system of choice and morality?

As mentioned in the FAQ, Hogwarts Legacy will not include a morality system, but players will be able to make many choices in the side quests and the main story to follow the path that suits them best. In short, it will be possible to define who we are according to our responses to dialog and our reactions in the game. Would you rather be a nice wizard or a nasty one? Do you want to learn Black Magic or not?

At the moment, we don't know if our choices will greatly influence the story and its possible endings, as in The Witcher 3 for example, or if they will only influence our relationships with the characters, the skills we acquire and the objects we receive.

Sebastian's mission is optional, like others

A good point because it means that Hogwarts Legacy will have a good dose of replayability. Many players will probably want to replay the game with the 4 different houses, but also be aware that the companion quests are optional and you can choose between Sebastian Shallow's that we already know (investigate his heritage and Salazar Slytherin, learn dark magic, go to the forbidden forest etc...), and those of other comrades like the Hufflepuff student who loves magical creatures or Natty, the Gryffindor student, who helps you free a Hippogriff from the hands of poachers.

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