Traveling has become an essential part of many people's lives, whether for leisure, work or to explore new cultures. LATAM Airlines, one of the largest airlines in Latin America, offers various opportunities for Colombian travelers to save on their trips.

Learn how to get promotions on LATAM flight tickets in Colombia

LATAM frequently offers deals and significant discounts for national and international destinations, allowing travelers to save up to 75% on airline tickets. But how can you take advantage of these promotions? Here are some suggestions:

Estate attentive to Black Friday LATAM

One of the events most awaited by gift hunters is the Black FridayLATAM is not far behind. During this period, the company is offering impressive discounts of up to 75%. To make sure you don't miss out on these offers, it's crucial to subscribe to the LATAM newsletter and follow the company on social networks, where the promotions are announced.

  • Significant discounts: During Black Friday, LATAM usually offers significant discounts on airline tickets to domestic and international destinations. These discounts can vary, but often exceed 50%, providing significant savings for travelers.
  • Selected routes: LATAM usually highlights specific routes with special discounts during Black Friday. This means that you can find even more attractive offers for particular destinations, making the choice of your next adventure even more exciting.
  • Special payment conditions: In addition to direct discounts, Black Friday LATAM can offer special payment conditions, such as installment payments without interest. This is an excellent opportunity to secure your summer trip without compromising your budget.

Regularly review the LATAM website

LATAM has an offers section on its website, constantly updated with new promotions for various destinations. Checking this page regularly can help you find tickets at reduced prices, especially if you have flexible travel dates.

Use price alerts

Many websites and apps allow you to set up price alerts for specific destinations. By activating these alerts, you will receive notifications when there is a decrease in the price of plane tickets, which will allow you to buy at the ideal time.

Other ways to get LATAM discounts

In addition to LATAM's direct promotions, there are other ways to find discounted plane tickets. Apps and travel search sites are powerful tools for comparing prices and finding the best deals. Let's take a brief look at some of them:


SkyScanner is one of the most popular search engines for finding cheap flights. It compares prices between various airlines and booking sites, offering a complete overview of the available options. The application also allows you to create alerts to monitor price variations on specific flights.


Kayak works in a similar way to SkyScanner, providing a comprehensive comparison of flights, hotels and car rentals. Its price prediction tools can help you decide whether to buy now or wait for a drop in prices. is another travel aggregator that offers excellent deals on plane tickets, hotels and travel packages. The site and app are easy to use and often have exclusive promotions, which can be an excellent way to save on LATAM flights.

LATAM PASS benefits

Participate in the loyalty program LATAM PASS It's an effective way to save on plane tickets. By accumulating miles with flights, purchases and through commercial memberships, you can buy plane tickets, often without spending more than the boarding fares. In addition, the program offers exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Rise in rank: The more you fly, the higher your rank in the program, which unlocks benefits such as free seat upgrades, access to VIP lounges and priority boarding.
  • Exclusive promotions: LATAM PASS members have access to exclusive offers, including discounts on airline tickets and opportunities to earn extra miles.
  • Commercial partners: It accumulates thousands not only by flying, but also through purchases and services from commercial partners, including hotels, car rental companies and online shops.

Saving on airline tickets requires research and planning, but with the right strategies, you can travel more while spending less. Keep an eye on LATAM Black Friday promotions, use online tools to compare prices and consider joining LATAM PASS to maximize your savings and enjoy exclusive benefits.

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March 10, 2024