Traveling is an enriching experience, but often the cost of airline tickets can be an obstacle. However, with the right strategies, it is possible to obtain incredible promotions on LATAM airline tickets in different countries. In this guide, we will explore different ways to save, from direct LATAM promotions to benefits from the LATAM PASS program and other interesting alternatives.

Learn How to Get LATAM Airfare Promotions in Several Countries

LATAM is known for its irresistible promotions, and one of the best times to take advantage of them is during Black Friday LATAM. During this event, the airline offers significant discounts on flights to various destinations. Pay attention to the promotions announced during this period, as it is a unique opportunity to save on your trips.

Another interesting option is LATAM Flightswhich include not only air tickets, but also accommodation and, sometimes, local activities. These packages can offer substantial discounts compared to buying tickets and accommodation separately. Explore the options available and find the perfect combination for your next trip.

In addition, LATAM often launches discount promotions on its official website. These offers are valid for a limited time and can include amazing discounts, such as tickets with up to a 75% discount. To make sure you don't miss out on any of these opportunities, register to receive newsletters or notifications from the LATAM app.

Other Ways to Get LATAM Discounts

In addition to LATAM's direct promotions, exploring airfare search apps can reveal unmissable offers. Applications such as SkyScanner, Kayak and aggregate information from various airlines, including LATAM. Use these platforms to compare prices, find exclusive promotions and even receive alerts when prices drop.

SkyScanner: Intuitive Navigation and Search Flexibility

SkyScanner is known for its intuitive interface and functions that make it easy to search for airline tickets on different airlines, including LATAM. One of the main advantages of this application is the flexibility of the search, which allows users to see prices on different dates, find destinations with the lowest prices and even receive alerts when prices drop.

SkyScanner's "Cheapest Month" function is especially useful for flexible travelers, as it shows a calendar with the lowest prices on different dates. In addition, the application offers package options that combine flights, hotels and car rental, providing additional opportunities for savings. Exclusive Offers and Rewards Program stands out for its exclusive offers and an attractive rewards program for its users. By booking LATAM airline tickets through this application, travelers can access special promotions that may not be available elsewhere. In addition, offers the option of accumulating points that can be redeemed for discounts on future bookings.

The "Offer Alert" function of is a valuable tool that allows users to set up notifications to be informed about specific promotions. This is especially useful for those who have specific destinations in mind and want to be notified as soon as relevant offers appear.

Kayak: Advanced Search Tools and Price History

Kayak is renowned for its advanced search tools, which allow users to personalize their searches according to their preferences. The "Explore" feature of Kayak is an excellent way to discover destinations according to the available budget, providing a flexible and inspiring approach to travel planning.

In addition, Kayak offers a price history, which allows travelers to track fluctuations in airfare prices. This feature is useful for determining the ideal time to buy, ensuring that users take advantage of the best available promotions.

LATAM PASS benefits

In addition to looking for promotions and discounts, it is important to consider the benefits offered by the loyalty program LATAM PASS. By accumulating miles through flights, purchases with members or credit cards linked to the program, you can get airline tickets at significant discounts and even free flights in some cases.

LATAM PASS also offers additional benefits, such as access to VIP lounges at airports, priority boarding and discounts on associated services, such as car rental and accommodation. Make sure you sign up for the program and use your LATAM PASS number on all your trips to maximize the benefits.

Getting promotions on LATAM airline tickets in various countries requires a strategic approach, from searching for direct offers from the company to exploring search applications and taking advantage of the benefits of the LATAM PASS program. Keep an eye out for opportunities and plan your trips intelligently to save money and enjoy your experiences around the world to the full.

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March 10, 2024