There are many mobile applications, for almost everything. But which ones could help you save money? And how do they work? Also, what are the criteria for choosing the best personal finance app?

Personal finance apps are designed to make it easier for you to manage your money, every day. Below, learn about the best apps for managing your budget. They should help you keep track of your personal financial goals.

best apps for personal finance
Finance Apps - The best solution to keep your finance healthy

The Best Personal Finance Applications

Money management apps can quickly simplify your life and the way you save. They provide access to an overview of income and expenses, while encouraging users to stick to their savings goals.

Each budget management app is usually specialized around a particular service to differentiate itself from the competition. Therefore, they may have one or more of the following options.


Complete and secure, it gives you an overview of your personal finances. After connecting your bank accounts, credit cards and investments, you will see your expenses categorized automatically. A specific budget can be assigned to each category and alerts can be set up to notify you when a limit is approaching.

Mobills also ensures that you pay all your bills on time through the available feature. An easy application to use, despite its impressive number of options.


Renowned for its beautiful design, Organizze will satisfy the most visual of you. It lets you create and share personalized portfolios, a handy feature for synchronizing your finances with your loved ones. Progress bars tell you whether you are green, yellow, or red for each of your portfolios. Take photos of your paper receipts and use the cards to note where you were.

Toshl Finance

The interface has a minimalist design and is very simple to use. It clearly separates the different functions Chart income, expenses, Balance.... Since all you need to do is set a weekly, annual or monthly budget, select the categories (food, gifts, sports, education, health, transportation, etc.). Finally, to remind you to enter your charges, set an alarm.

If you wish, you can import CSV, XLS, TXT, or even TSV files.

Toshl also allows you to synchronize your information across your different devices, there is also a web application to use Toshl on a computer.


If the Wisecash application not only systematically classifies your expenses, but has a semi-automatic filling function based on your previous entries: you keep track of the classification and have the possibility to go faster after all.

To better manage your daily expenses, you can enter recurring transactions that will help you anticipate well, knowing that you have access to an unlimited number of budget templates. You can set one for energy bills, for the car, for public transport, clothes, going out with friends, etc.

Very user-friendly with its colorful interface, this application offers great flexibility that allows everyone to manage their finances as they see fit. It remains compatible with CSV data export, which can be read on a computer with a classic spreadsheet (Excel, Open Office Calc)...


As the name suggests, Monefy is based on the levels of funds available for each spending category and is designed to help you achieve your goals. Synchronized with all your bank accounts, it automatically adjusts to your income and bills. A special feature of the app is the forecast of your income versus your expenses for the coming month. It has won numerous industry awards.

Whether you choose one or the other of these applications, remember that there is a bit of time to invest in the beginning to set it up. You'll gain from it later, as you'll know better where your money is going and where to keep it!