The Beast, released in 2022, is a survival thriller with great action and charisma. The movie follows Idris Elba's character as he faces a lion with a thirst for blood. The protagonist is dealing with unresolved issues with his ex-wife, who died of cancer, and needs to re-establish a good relationship with his daughters. 

The Beast movie review
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The Beast movie

In the movie The Beast, Idris Elba is the protagonist fighting a lion with a thirst for blood. However, that's not his only problem, as he also has to deal with his ex-wife dying of cancer, and he has to re-establish his relationship with his daughters. 

It's a very familiar formula for survival thrillers, following a plot that is immediately reminiscent of Jaws. In addition, the production goes through a few moments of Cujo, and ends with a dose of Dante's Inferno. 

However, although there are all these nuances, the final formula works. And Idris Elba X Lion works, as well as being an attractive premise. Director Baltasar Kormákur manages to make good use of the whole situation. 

The Beast is a beautiful movie to watch, as the director unfolds the premise and abuses the whole production formula very well. From the moment the plot is established, the journey with the two daughters to South Africa unfolds. 

Introduction to the threat

Up until the moment the threat is introduced to the movie, which begins when the characters are trapped in a stalled car, the preparation for the universe takes place when Martin, a childhood friend, becomes an expert on the savannah. In addition, he is a friend of the lions and an ally of the family, without whom everything would be more difficult. 

To complete the well-developed plot, The Beast never stumbles over confusing messages. This is because both the Doctor and his daughters are disposable to the extent that nature is the victim. 

Right from the start, the movie makes it clear and addresses the issue of poaching and the dubious way in which we deal with it. It's obvious that the lion is a victim of the hunters, and represents nature's revenge very well. 

The memory of Jaws is introduced to the film, as Kormákur anticipates the appearance of the threat, building suspense at a real size and constructing an almost supernatural personality for the feline. All the claustrophobia caused by the movie brings something grander.

Even though the family is stuck in the car for most of the movie, the director always finds a way to fill the screen with incredible, beautiful visuals. With a soundtrack by Steven Prince, the whole atmosphere of solemnity is adequately filled. 


One of the aspects that The Beast seems to slip up on is the film's CGI. However, Kormákur manages to avoid this masterfully, without prolonging the image of the opponent too much, and facing him head-on only when necessary. 

Elba, as expected, doesn't disappoint in any way. What's more, his character is a source of immediate charisma. On the other hand, the two teenage girls who appear during the journey have an irritating personality, but without being too heavy-handed. 

Plot development

As the plot develops, you can see the widower and Doctor trying to reconnect with his origins and his daughters. Meredith (Iyana Halley) and Norah (Leah Sava Jeffries), the protagonist's young daughters, are vulnerable and complain about the absence of their father in his decisive passages. 

During the trip, Elba's character is appealing, not only because of the text, but also because of the way the actor embodies his dramatic mission. His friend and biologist Martin, played by Sharlto Copley, acts with a militant and committed attitude. 

The fight against the imminent threat would not be possible without the help of the biologist, who presents himself as a great expert. 

Then, just when all the characters thought they were having the time of their lives, they have to deal with the presence of a vengeful lion. The feline intends to annihilate any human threat that might impede their survival. 

In this whole scenario, it is possible to understand the real victim of this situation, which is the lion. After all, the animal is part of a huge hunting scheme that takes no account of biodiversity and extinction. 

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