When someone wants to know which tattoo app is the best for sketching a design, one especially comes out on top of the list: InkHunter.

Perfect for experimenting with the location, pattern and size of a tattoo, this app uses virtual reality to great effect. You'll love its quick start and the many tattoos available. Download and discover without delay!

Discover the tattoo app to transform your ideas before you meet your tattoo artist
Tattoo ink.

The best tattoo application to test your ideas

Augmented reality has become more popular on cell phones with various tourist apps, but most of all thanks to the game Pokémon Go. It is also possible to get a virtual tattoo with the INKHUNTER app. The latter will be very handy for those who are looking to get a tattoo, but are looking for the design, location or size of the tattoo.

If the device is compatible with augmented reality, it is advisable to draw a hydrographic pen pattern on the skin at the desired location. It is then possible to select one of the many tattoos available and created by other users or choose a personal creation. Once the pattern is chosen, simply point the device at the pattern to see it appear on the skin.

A multitude of tattoos available

INKHUNTER includes a set of black and white and color tattoos that can be viewed via a search engine, as well as a link to each creator's social networks.


Even though it is in English, the app is easy to learn and allows you to quickly simulate and share new tattoos before diving in. Finally, note that the few advertisements do not hinder the fluidity of the app.

Always a controversial subject, tattooing has as many followers as it does dislikes. Getting a tattoo is something very personal, allowing us to express our emotions and feelings indelibly on our skin. However, no matter if it is a small skin design or a larger tattoo, we always have questions about the location, design, size and so on.

In the end, it is a permanent thing and it is important to think well before diving in. To dispel all doubts and questions, downloadable apps on your smartphone come to your rescue to allow you to test the tattoo model you want to wear.

INKHUNTER Advantages

Tattoos are becoming more and more prominent in society. There are very few people who, for fashion reasons or not, don't want to get a tattoo or mark with ink some phase of life to honor on their skin. For many, it is an artistic work.

However, the fact that they are permanent must be considered, because the pain of the procedure is also not very pleasant for many. For those who are not afraid of the tattoo process, INKHUNTER may be the ideal app for creating new tattoo artwork. The app allows you to create and test virtual tattoos on your skin using augmented reality.

By using Inkhunter, you can try out the tattoo idea you want, right on your skin. The app makes use of augmented reality. This means that:

  • A tattoo can be visualized in 'real time';
  • From different angles;
  • And edit it directly on your skin.

At the same time, InkHunter allows you to

  • Add your tattoos;
  • Extract tattoos from paper sketches;
  • Cut tattoos adjusting them to the contour of your body.

The way you work is very simple:

Select a tattoo > Get great photos > Share with your friends.

Turn your ideas into tattoos

Tattooing is nothing new: the practice has existed for over 5,000 years. Originally, some humans tattooed themselves to show their clan affiliation.

Then tattoos became the hallmark of "tough guys": like sailors, bikers and thugs. But in the 1990s, famous athletes and singers got tattoos... and everyone saw it in the media.

The image of tattoos has improved and more and more people want to get one. When a person decides to get a tattoo, it's because they think it's a beautiful design. But it's also because this tattoo has meaning in their eyes: it tells them about a phase in their life, expresses their ideas or shows a facet of their personality.

To get a tattoo, you need to be over 18 and choose a tattoo artist who uses disposable needles so as not to transmit diseases. Above all, you need to think carefully before you start: tattoos are for life!