O top 13 christian apps to keep and increase your faith were developed for the faithful.

The platforms are available for download on the main operating systems, Android and iOS. Some models are paid for and others are free. Check them out below. 

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Top 13 Christian apps to keep and increase your faith

First of all, with the constant development of technology, it is possible to find various applications that help people in their daily lives. Among these services are Christian apps, developed for the faithful on duty. 

Through Christian apps, users can maintain or increase their faith in a simple and practical way. Most platforms are available for download on Android and iOS, with free and paid versions. 

Applications have been developed with a multitude of interfaces and functions, each with its own characteristics and advantages. If you want to increase your spirit, it's important to get to know the top 13 christian apps to keep and increase your faith. Check it out below:

1. YouVersion Bible App

The Holy Bible ranks first among the main apps for maintaining and raising faith. The platform is available for free download on the main operating systems: Android and iOS.

Currently, the platform has more than 1,400 translations for users, making it easy to navigate and access. One of the best features of the model is the possibility of highlighting parts of your favorite scriptures. 

2. Olive Tree Bible App

The Olive Tree Bible App, rated 4.6 / 5.0 in the main app stores, is available to download for free. If you want to read the Holy Bible, this app is a great recommendation. 

Even though it's not as expansive as the previous app, Olive offers users great features. In addition to presenting various translations of the Holy Book, it is possible to read in split mode.

3. Fighter Verses

Fighter Verses is a great app for those who want to memorize their favorite scriptures. Even if the procedure is complicated, this platform can really help the faithful on duty. 

This app is available in different translations, such as English and Portuguese. The template has decorative cards that are simple to use and understand, making it easy to learn your favorite verses. The service is available on Android and iOS for a fee. 

4. Bible Memory: Remember Me

Bible Memory: Remember Me, as its name suggests, is an excellent Christian app. Through the platform, users can memorize their favourite scriptures. 

To make reading the Holy Book easier, users can set themselves goals, which can be worked on at their own pace. Even if you don't have a set plan, you can add your favourite verses to memorize them. 


Christian music is a great boost to the life of any believer, as it provides an atmosphere of entertainment on a daily basis. Of course, users don't have to enjoy the music 24 hours a day, but it does improve their thoughts. 

This platform promotes positive messages for Christians through music. Although there are more applications with the same purpose, K-LOVE is simple and intuitive, available for free download. 

6. In Touch Ministries

In Touch Ministries, rated 4.6 / 5.0, is yet another platform for raising your faith. Through the app, users can access sermons by famous ministers in America, such as Dr. Charles Stanley. 

The sermons are available on the platform in video and audio format. In addition, the faithful can access devotional diaries, as well as articles on the subject and a radio stream with various contents. 

7. Living Proof Ministries

Living Proof Ministries is yet another Christian app to boost your faith. Like the previous platforms, this service is available for free download on both Android and iOS. 

This service features the strongest and most famous speakers in the Christian world, such as Beth Moore. She is the author of an impressive number of books, as well as marketing various events and conferences on the subject. 

Finally, through the app, users can enjoy themed talks, podcasts and official videos. Another feature of the service is the daily reminders, as well as blog articles to enjoy at any time and place. 

8. Soularium

Soularium, available for free download from the main app stores, is another app recommendation for increasing your faith. The model presents a series of questions that make users think about God and their own spiritual journey. 

Through the platform, users answer questions on a series of themes, as well as showing images to explain their choice. In general terms, the images range from sunsets to a happy family. 

9. God Tools

God Tools, available for free download, works as a test to evaluate people spiritually. This platform presents readings that are well known among the faithful, as well as showing specific passages from the Holy Bible.

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10. Share Your Faith

Share Your Faith is available in the main app stores, with a rating of 4.8 / 5.0. In general terms, this platform has a simple and practical interface and is easy to navigate. 

Through the app, users can share their faith through diagrams and easy instructions. Another efficient feature of Share Your Faith is the availability of a tutorial for beginners. 

11. PrayerMate

PrayerMate is a traditional application among people who believe in God. Through the platform, users can organize their prayer lists in a simple and practical way. 

12. Prayer of the Day

Prayer of the Day is an app available for download on Android and iOS. Through the platform, the best prayers are selected, which need to be read and listened to daily.

13. God With Us 

Last but not least, God With Us is an app available on Android and iOS operating systems. In short, if your smartphone is part of your daily life, now it will also be part of your prayers. 

Through the platform, it is possible to have contact with the Word of God. Users have access to various benefits and functionalities, such as messages that make a difference to their daily lives.

January 10th, 2023