The 12 best apps for reading the Bible on your phone have an intuitive and practical interface for your daily readings. The apps have been selected for their ease of navigation, as well as for the evaluations of other users. Find out more below.

The 12 best apps for reading the Bible on mobile

With constant technological advances, it is possible to carry out simple activities on your smartphone, such as reading the Holy Bible. If you like studying God's word, these platforms have been developed for you!

The age of digitalization has made everyday life easier for people in many ways. If you choose one of the 12 best apps for reading the Bible on your phone, you'll be able to take God's word everywhere.

There are many apps available in the main app stores, such as the Play Store and App Store. Most of them have an intuitive and practical interface, as well as good reviews. Take a look below:

1. the Holy Bible

La Santa Biblia is probably the most complete platform available in smartphone app stores. The app currently has more than 180 million downloads worldwide.

The application has a simple and practical interface. In addition to having passages from the Bible, users can easily select the language of their choice, and read even when they don't have Internet access.

In the latest versions of the Holy Bible, users can access the passages in audio format. The application is one of the best rated in its category, and is available for Android and iOS.

2. JFA Offline Bible

JFA Offline Bible is a great platform for those who want to read passages from the Bible even without an Internet connection. The plantilla offers various readings for users, as well as separating the words into themes.

Through the intuitive interface, users can easily access the readings they want. The application includes various activities, such as a plan for studying the Bible and help to cope with difficult periods.

Although it is an application that works perfectly offline, when users access it online they can find various services, such as religious events taking place in their city.

3. The Woman's Bible + Arpa

La Biblia de la Mujer + Arpa, as its name suggests, is an application designed for women. Like the previous platforms, the interface is simple and fluid, but no less beautiful.

However, unlike the other platforms, this application has a service that the others don't have: the Arpa. Through this function, users can read the sacred word easily, and it fits in their pocket.

Although it is a platform designed for women, men can also download this Bible on their smartphone. After all, God's word is the same for all people, regardless of their gender.

4. Bible for Children

La Biblia para niños is a platform designed for your children, your nephews or any child. This application can be downloaded from the main smartphone stores (Android and iOS).

It is full of stories that keep children's attention. Among the stories are: The Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark and The Creation of the World. Another feature of the platform is that the stories are all narrated, facilitating the child's contact with the word of God.

5. I know the Bible

The Conozco la Biblia app has an unconventional format for this sacred book. This app works in a similar way to a Bible test, where users can demonstrate their knowledge of God's word.

Users can start the day in a fun way with this app, as well as getting closer and learning more about God's word. The app is available in the main app stores.

6. is probably one of the best applications of this type available in smartphone stores. Like the previous services, this platform is available for download on Android and iOS.

Through this service, users can access the word of God in over 800 languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. If you want a good app for reading the Holy Bible, this is one of the best options.

7. Our Daily Pan

Nuestro Pan Diario, available for Android and iOS, is one of the best apps of its kind for users. The service has been downloaded by many people around the world, encouraging the reading of God's word.

Like other platforms, the app allows offline access to content. Another feature of the service is the possibility of pre-downloading the content and listening to it whenever and wherever you want.

8. Application of the Olive Tree Bible

Olive Tree's Bible App is one of the best services for familiarizing yourself with God's word. When users access the platform for the first time, it is possible to have an attractive and unique learning experience.

Users can annotate, highlight and save their favorite passages. In addition, the content can be synchronized across all devices. Another feature is the resource guide, which lists the best biblical texts.

The app is available for free from the Android app store. The latest updates bring various new contents, such as translations of new versions, which can be accessed without internet.

9. La Biblia de Estudio Fiel

La Biblia de Estudio Fiel is considered to be one of the best platforms of its kind in 2022. After all, with numerous features and services, users can access Bible passages from the palm of their hand.

Through the platform, users can read the Bible and see the comments alongside each other. Another feature is the possibility of reading the content even when not using the Internet, i.e. without a connection.

10. The Bible

La Biblia is probably the easiest application of this type, but it is only available for Apple. It has the details of the books, as well as space to search for passages and an easy-to-use subrayer.

The app is among the most downloaded of its class in the App Store, the official iOS app store. Although it is simple, it satisfies the needs of users who want to read the word of God.

11. New Living Bible

The New Living Bible has been developed to cater for young people. With a simplified language of God's word, the app is only available for Android. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can listen to the verses calmly.

12. Tecarta

Last but not least, Tecarta is available for Android and iOS users.

Through this platform, you can explore and study Bible verses, as well as make your own notes.