Check out best antivirus software 2022 and protect your computer. Computer devices are more vulnerable than ever to spyware and other computer viruses. That's why it's highly recommended that you install an antivirus on your computer and your various computer devices. Discover our guide to determining the best antivirus of the moment!

best antivirus software 2022
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What is the best antivirus software 2022

There are a large number of antiviruses on the market, all with different features. To help you see more clearly, we've put together an antivirus comparison of the best solutions in 2022.


If you don't want to or can't use a paid antivirus, you can protect your computer for free. There are a large number of free antiviruses, but they are generally less effective than a paid antivirus.

In our opinion, the best free antivirus of 2022 is Avast: this software has a high level of protection, being able to scan your device and detect viruses as soon as they appear.

Other free alternatives are among the best antiviruses: you can test in particular the free versions of Avira or even AVG, to determine the protection software that best meets your needs.

Windows computers come with Windows Defender pre-installed. This free antivirus solution has improved over time and now offers a satisfactory level of protection.


According to consumer reviews and tests, Kaspersky antivirus is one of the best computer security solutions.

And for good reason! This software offers the best security for computers, even when compared to that offered by other references on the market.

One of the main advantages of this solution is that it works with different operating systems. In fact, if you have a computer with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc., this is the antivirus for you.

In addition, this program includes the most effective anti-phishing on the market according to customer reviews, as well as a very useful Safe Money option.

  • It offers the best shield on the market.
  • An ergonomic interface.
  • Very advanced settings.


Norton AntiVirus is one of the few antivirus tools whose reputation is well established and, fortunately, its applications are available in several languages, including French. Symantec has been producing antivirus tools for Windows since 2006 and supports Windows operating systems from Windows 95 onwards. Like McAfee, Symantec usually comes pre-installed on many new Windows computers.

Symantec offers a wide range of features in its Norton AntiVirus suite of tools, including real-time scanning, ransomware protection and, with 360 Deluxe packages and above, parental controls and cross-device protection. The company also offers flexible monthly payment options, as opposed to annual subscriptions that lock the user into a long-term plan for a premium price. Norton's flexible payment options make termination much easier and allow the user to subscribe and cancel with ease. Norton also offers automatic renewal at checkout. You can turn off automatic renewal in your account settings.


As one of the best options for Windows 10 users to explore, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus scores highly when evaluated against our multi-point criteria for antivirus tools for Windows 10.

Bitdefender Antivirus is highly rated by independent antivirus testing laboratories. Its real-time antivirus tool offers an almost impeccable level of protection, detecting all forms of malware present on your computer. What's more, this excellent tool has a very low impact on your system, allowing it to run scans in the background without you noticing any drop in performance.

McAfee Total Protection

A longtime leader in antivirus, McAfee's Total Protection Security application offers a wide range of tools designed to protect US Windows users from common and uncommon threats.

McAfee established itself in the field of virus protection for Windows two decades ago, but the company has been present in the software security market since the late 1980s. Before Windows developed its own antivirus tool, new Windows computers usually came with McAfee software pre-installed. Although less common now, McAfee remains one of the top choices thanks to its high-tech approach to detecting and removing malware, as well as offering protection for all devices in the same household.