O MMORPG is one of the game styles most appreciated by the gamer community, and the availability of many titles on the market sometimes makes it difficult to choose. In 2022, many titles are available and we've compiled a list of the best MMORPGs of the moment.

Although some MMORPGs stand out in terms of popularity, that doesn't mean that others are uninteresting - far from it. This list aims to make you discover the MMORPGs of the moment, whether on PC, consoles or cell phones.

best mmorpg
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World of Warcraft, the most played MMORPG

The most popular MMORPG since 2005, World of Warcraft is now in its 8th expansion: Shadowlands. Day 9, called Dragonflight, will see the light of day in December 2022.

With its estimated 2 million players (the end of the expansion requires it), the game offers content suitable for all types of players. The content reserved for high-level characters is undoubtedly one of the most complete of all MMORPGs.

Whether you're a fan of PVE, PVP, Lore or Roleplay, the game is bound to have something to offer you.

Shadowlands is no exception to the rule

The last extension to date, Shadowlands allows players to attack the world beyond, after the destruction of the domination helm, supposedly to ensure the separation of the world of the living from that of the dead.

The latter is made up of 4 areas, which house deceased souls according to their actions during their mortal life. The player will have to join one of the congregations present in these 4 zones in order to receive special powers and attack the forces of evil, which seek to destroy the cycle of life and death.

A PVE that offers a real challenge

One of World of Warcraft's main assets is undoubtedly its PVE content, which offers players various levels of difficulty. The dungeons, accessible to groups of 5 players, have 4 difficulty modes: Normal, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+.

The last difficulty mode, Mythic+, offers an evolving challenge that has no limits. The higher the dungeon key, the more it increases the abilities of monsters and bosses, offering them new skills along the way.

The objective is therefore to complete your dungeon before the allotted time, knowing that each death of one of your group members leads to a time penalty.

The second type of content concerns Raids, which are accessible to groups of 10 to 30 players in Normal and Heroic mode, while Mythic mode is reserved for groups of 20 players.

Again, the level increases with difficulty, and beating an entire Mythic raid level is a real challenge. Finally, World of Warcraft also offers a system of World Bosses, which change every week and offer players rewards.

A complete PVP system

If you're more of a PVP fan, World of Warcraft has several game modes that might interest you. The wild PVP system will allow you to face opponents who have activated their war mode beforehand.

The battlefields offer clashes ranging from 10 against 10 to 40 against 40, with different game modes such as capture the flag or defend objectives, for example.

However, probably the most popular game mode in PVP is the arena, which will allow you to create teams of 2 or 3 to take part in battles for a limited time.

The arena has a ranked game mode as well as a skirmish mode, which works like friendly matches. Climbing the arena ladder will allow you to unlock titles, appearances or mounts, for the most talented among you.

Aspects that may displease some players

World of Warcraft has a lot of quality, but some aspects can also put some players off.

Firstly, the content is only intended for max-level players, and the leveling phase doesn't matter in the game (allow 20 hours to reach level 60).

In addition, the mission system puts you on the right track and the narrative is very poor. The events related to the extensions are very poorly connected to each other, which will require long hours of research to understand the whole picture.