Knowing the top 10 streaming apps to watch matches on your phone is essential for those who don't want to miss any of their favorite team's matches.

You can follow all the matches live on these platforms. Check them out below. 

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Top 10 streaming apps to watch matches on your phone

Knowing the top 10 streaming apps to watch matches on your phone is the first step to enjoying your favorite team. Through these platforms, you can enjoy various competitions, such as the Champions League, NBA and Libertadores. 

Streaming services have changed Brazil. These platforms are not focused on specific competitions, meaning that users can follow various sports and matches online. Check them out below:

1. NortheastFC

NordesteFC is the official app for following the Lampions League, in other words, one of Brazil's favorite leagues: the Copa do Nordeste. This competition only includes soccer teams from the Northeast. 

To access the platform's official content, you need to subscribe to a plan. On the other hand, users can enjoy exclusive matches if they are supporters of various northeastern clubs. 

2. Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports is another application for enjoying live soccer matches for free. Formerly known as MyCujoo, it is one of the highest quality platforms for enjoying competitions. 

The matches broadcast on the app are global in scope, from Swiss to Mongolian championships. It's worth noting that each match is broadcast in the official language. Brazilians can enjoy some of the country's sports, such as the A1 series of the Women's Brasileirão, with narration in Portuguese.

Another feature of Eleven Sports is the possibility of enjoying multi-sport coverage. In other words, as well as enjoying soccer matches, users can also enjoy basketball, handball and other sports. 

Before downloading the app on your smartphone, it's important to understand the following: it does not display competition data. The platform is available for free download on the main Android and iOS devices. 

3. Star+

Star+, launched in Brazil in 2021, broadcasts live sports from various disciplines. Due to Disney's purchase of FOX, this streaming service broadcasts exclusive content from the ESPN channel. 

Subscribers can access a variety of content, such as news programs, as well as competitions from various sports, such as the Italian Championship, Copa Libertadores and the English Premier League. 

The monthly fee for the platform is R $32.90. If you prefer, you can subscribe to the combo with Disney+ for R $45.90. This is one of the best ways to watch your favorite sports live. The streaming app is available for Android and iOS. 

4. 365 Scores

365 Scores, available for Android and iOS, features a wide range of content from various sports such as tennis, soccer, American soccer, basketball and other sporting events. 

Through this platform, users can analyze the standings of the world's main competitions. If you wish, you can customize the notifications and group the matches of your favorite sports together. 

5. Globoplay

Globoplay, a platform with original content from broadcaster Globo, is another alternative for following your favorite games. However, like Star+, you have to pay a monthly fee to access this content. 

This company holds the rights to various championships, such as the World Cup. What's more, if you buy the combo with SporTV, you can follow more sports, such as volleyball and basketball. 

The platform's official app is available for free download on Android and iOS. To access official content, such as the Brasileirão and World Cup, plans start at R $50.00. 


ESPN is the world's largest sports broadcaster. Today, this company is a leader in the distribution of content to consumers, offering different services and functionalities. 

Overall, ESPN reaches more than 100 million viewers per month in the United States. The number is only set to increase, especially when analyzing the growth in daily views. 

Through the platform, users can access stable channels with excellent quality, such as ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN Classic. The channels are available for continuous access, 24 hours a day, in high quality. 

7. HBO Max

HBO Max is another streaming service recommended for users who want to enjoy sporting events. The platform is available for download on the main operating systems, such as Android and iOS. 

This service broadcast the Brasileirão matches in 2021, for example. In 2022, the Campeonato Paulista was also broadcast on the platform. It's worth noting that WarnerMedia, which owns the service, has the rights to the championship until 2025. 

The monthly fee for HBO Max starts at R $19.90, with a range of exclusive content, as well as live sports broadcasts. 

8. DirecTV Go

DirecTV Go is yet another platform for enjoying your favorite games live. It is an IPTV service, which displays the main cable TV content, such as SporTV, FOX Sports, ESPN, among others.

To access DirecTV Go's exclusive content, you have to pay a monthly fee of R $79.90. In short, with a multitude of options, users can enjoy their favorite games at any time of the day. 

9. Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video broadcast the Brazil Cup last year. In short, this platform is a great choice for following your favorite matches, with a platform available for Android and iOS. 

Even though Globo has the rights to the championship, Amazon has managed to strike a deal to broadcast these matches. This streaming platform will only broadcast the matches that will not be shown on Globo. To access the content, you have to pay a monthly fee starting at R $9.90. 

10. DAZN

DAZN, available for download on Android and iOS, offers interesting leagues such as the Premier League, MLS, Serie C and more. 

There are many competitions to follow on this streaming service, such as the European Super Cups, as well as other sports taking place around the world.

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December 26th, 2022