Find out about the different options for watching the NFL final, the famous Super Bowl, online and live 

The final of the National Football League, the famous Super Bowl, is approaching and if you're an American soccer fan and you don't live in the United States, you're certainly already researching the options for watching the games, aren't you!


With that in mind, to help you get to know the streaming sites/apps to enjoy the NFL online, in this article we've listed the best options (paid and free) so you can watch the Super Bowl 2023 with peace of mind. Check them out below! 

Ways to watch NFL live today

The 2023 Super Bowl is being broadcast on several video streaming services, which means that, contrary to what many people believe, you no longer need cable TV to watch the NFL. There are a number of apps and websites that allow you to watch games from the top American soccer league. 

In short, for watch the NFL live todayIf you're looking for a live sports streaming platform, you'll need one. Most of these services are paid, but you can also watch matches for free - and in good quality! Read on to find out how.

Best apps and streaming sites to watch matches online and live  

There are currently a significant number of streaming sites/apps to watch the 2023 Super Bowl. Not only is there a large number of streaming sites, but there is also a wide range of subscription prices. 

Some streaming services offer more complete options, including other platforms. This is the case with the Hulu + Live TV app plan which, for example, comes with a Disney Plus and ESPN + subscription at no extra cost. 

In short, if you're looking for quality streaming to watch the NFL live and online, the main and best options on the market are: 

  • Hulu + Live TV  
  • Youtube TV
  • Paramount Plus
  • Peacock
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • ESPN+

It's clear and obvious that watching on a paid streaming service has its advantages, but the free ways to watch the Super Bowl 2023 haven't left anything to be desired either. You can watch the NFL on American channels without paying anything. But beware: if you're considering using this method to watch the games, using a VPN is a must. We'll talk about that below, but first we want to introduce you to two more ways to watch the Super Bowl for free. 

Free ways to watch the NFL

Who find free ways to watch the Super Bowl 2023 usually come across pirate sites and that's why we need to warn you: be very careful with this type of site. 

In addition to the huge number of ads on these sites, which make it difficult to have a good gaming experience, many of them can end up infecting your computer with malware and other types of viruses. 

That said, let's move on to one of the free ways to watch the NFL today that doesn't involve piracy: Yahoo Sports. 

O Yahoo Sports is an excellent free option for watching the Super Bowl live. Although it's a bit limited (streaming can only be done via an app, i.e. you need to use your cell phone all the time), if you don't mind not being able to watch on your TV or PC, you'll be fine.

The other form of watch american soccer for free is via the NFL app. The league's official app makes live matches available, but beware: broadcasting is restricted to locations in the United States. 

So how can I watch the Super Bowl 2023 for free on the NFL app if I don't live in the USA? 

If you live in Brazil or in a country other than the United States, you've already realized that the USA's online NFL streaming alternative won't be available to you, right? Wrong! That's right: wrong! 

It is possible to use NFL streaming and watch the league's games from anywhere in the world. To do this, simply use a VPN. 

With a Virtual Private Network, the famous VPN, you can overcome any and all geo-blocks on computers, cell phones, tablets and other devices. 

Want to know how to watch NFL live for free with a VPN? Just click on the button above and follow our step-by-step instructions.