A digital signature makes it easier to sign important documents.

However, even though technology makes this procedure easier, most people are unaware of the best platforms for creating a signature. Check them out below. 

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Discover the best apps for creating your digital signature

The best apps for creating your digital signature make it much easier to do this online. Nowadays, signing documents online is easy, especially with the help of a free platform. 

Most people receive documents to sign on the internet and print out the contents to sign and scan them again for sending. This procedure is complicated and time-consuming. 

Fortunately, with the advance of technology, it is possible to find applications that make this procedure easier. Most platforms have been developed with a simple, intuitive interface and are available for free download. 

To avoid this laborious procedure and sign your documents online, the first step is to get to know the platforms for this purpose. There are several options, but some stand out. Check them out below:

1. DocuSign

DocuSign, available free for Android and iOS smartphones, is one of the best platforms for signing your documents online. With more than 200 million downloads worldwide, the service has more functions.

Among the features is the possibility of scanning printed documents with the smartphone's camera. In this way, users can easily scan the content and sign it. 

Access is granted by logging in with an e-mail address and password. All documents scanned in the app are saved in the device's memory. You can also share them easily on social networks. 

2. Adobe Reader

Users can easily sign documents with the Adobe Reader tool. The platform is available for free download from the main app stores (Play Store and App Store).

With the interface in Portuguese, which makes it easy to navigate, you need to log in with Gmail, Facebook or an Apple account linked to Adobe ID. Once you've finished registering, just click on "Fill in and Sign". 

Users can sign with a virtual pen or, if they prefer, using an image of the signature. Once the signature is complete, it can be sent by e-mail or via messaging. 

3. PDFelement

PDFelement is one of the best platforms for signing documents in PDF format on Android. With this app, users can create digital signatures quickly and protect documents at any time and place. 

This service is packed with functions for completing online signatures. So if you need to sign a document of any kind, PDFelement will meet your needs promptly. 

With a simple and practical interface, the application is available for users of the main operating systems (Android and iOS). It is also compatible with Windows and MacOS. 

4. Office Mobile

Office Mobile, like other services, has an exclusive function for signing documents online. The model is available for free download in the Android and iOS stores. 

However, to access the tool, you need to log in with your Microsoft account details. It's worth noting that the service allows you to digitally sign documents in PDF format. 

Once you've accessed the platform's official page, click on "Actions" and then "Sign a PDF". Select the file you want to sign and make your digital signature on your smartphone screen. 

Another function of the application is the possibility of moving the signature in any direction of the file, as well as changing the color of the stroke. Once you've finished the file, save it and share it with your users. 

5. Adobe Fill & Sign

Last but not least, Adobe Fill & Sign is another recommended app for users who need to sign documents online. Like the other apps, the service is available for download on Android and iOS. 

Users can access the documents and sign them easily. What's more, there's no need to register to use the service's functions. Another feature is the possibility of modifying PDF files, as well as scanning documents in the gallery. 

Signatures in the service are made with a virtual pen. Once the signature is complete, it can be placed anywhere on the document. 

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January 20th, 2023