We use our smartphone more and more, to the detriment of the P . It therefore seems normal to consider the best dating apps as a modern, up-to-date dating solution. But in the highly competitive app market, it's not easy to choose an app that meets our expectations.

We help you by offering this selection of best dating apps the most effective way to meet singles, no matter where you are!

The mobile dating market is surrounded by hundreds of apps that try to compete in ingenuity to attract you. But, as you can imagine, not all of them will be as effective as you'd like. Here's our selection so you don't waste any time!

best dating apps
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What's the best dating app?

The dating app Tinder has changed the way people meet (as explained in our Tinder review). With its scanning system to find out whether or not we like a single person based on their photo (mainly), we've gotten into the habit of scrolling through profiles while waiting for the fateful Match.

In fact, if you like a member and they also like your profile, you'll be put in touch. A remarkably efficient system that allows you to meet people quickly. On Tinder, we do as much serious dating as we do naughty dating!

It's certainly the most popular dating app, with a majority of 20 to 30 year olds, but sometimes we waste time with members who aren't as serious as we first thought.

However, with a good profile, an effective description and well thought-out catchphrases as soon as a match is received, you can really meet a lot of people on Tinder!

It is available for free in the App Store and Play Store.


Created in 2006 in PC format, Badoo created its dating application. It has a large number of users due to its popularity. This dating site is similar to a social network like Facebook. You can find friends, but also love.

Badoo, one of best dating appshas many features that make relationships easier for singles.

It offers a "near you" guide to put you in touch with singles in the same geographical area as you. But more than that, they meet your criteria. A useful resource for people who want to meet members in real life.

A "meeting" tab is available to make it easier to find profiles. You can search according to the criteria selected in the search bar.

Registering for Badoo is free. Like other dating apps, you'll have a free version and a paid version. Inevitably, with the free version you will have fewer possibilities than with the paid version. If you have a subscription, you will have credits.

These credits will be used to increase your profile, to display your message first in the messaging system of the people you have contacted, but also to popularize yourself and exchange with members who are. You also have the possibility of having superpowers. In other words, you'll become a VIP member and have access to all the features of the dating app. 

Please note that the Badoo app is available for iOS and Android.

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It's still very rare to see dating apps innovate, but Happn has done it! It's a dating app that uses your location and travels to help you find singles who travel the same daily routes as you.

The main interest of this dating app is to be able to meet a person seen during one of your journeys! Imagine that you met the gaze of a beautiful blonde who smiled at you between two subways, or that a tall, dark-haired man winked at you when you got off the bus... If they use Happn, you'll find them in the blink of an eye!


Grindr is very specific in its target audience. The app was developed for gay, bisexual and transgender people who identify as men. If you don't recognize yourself in this description, move on, because this service is not for you. Grindr acts as a forerunner, as it was Grindr that successfully introduced the principle of swiping, years before Tinder was created. For operation, we're on the same model as Tinder.

Grindr is widely used in the gay community, there's no shortage of profiles and the choice is endless. It is possible to find true love on the app, but most users prefer one-night stands with no intention of pursuing a relationship afterwards. Some practical functions such as swiping are reserved for the premium version, but it is possible to find partners without paying.