Are you looking for best weight loss app? Sport remains one of the healthiest ways of achieving a weight loss goal. To burn calories, there's nothing better than moving around, running, walking briskly, working out. By drawing up a good exercise program, you can feel better about yourself. There are many apps that can help you achieve this goal.

The best weight loss apps
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The best weight loss apps

Improving your lifestyle through fitness and good nutrition can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. Fortunately, there is an app for any health-related goal to help users on their wellness journey.

Weight Watchers

Let's talk briefly about other calorie-counting apps that are ideal for ensuring a healthy diet, a necessary complement to sports sessions.

Let's mention in particular the indispensable Weight Watcher ( on Android and iOS ), for lovers of very supervised but quite permissive diets. Its partnership with FitBit allows you to link your physical activity to it.

In the same vein, Lifesum (on iOS and Android) offers weight loss goals, calorie counting and a daily exercise plan. With, as a bonus, integration with Google Fit and Samsung Health.

Apple Health

Apple also has its own dedicated app for tracking mobile activity. Installed natively on iOS since version 8, Apple Health is another good free sports app for weight loss.

Adidas Running by Runtastic

Runtastic remains our favorite running app, making it the best app for losing weight through running!

Available for iOS and Android, it lets you track your running sessions, your training, your progress and even set specific goals. A real pleasure to use!

Google Fit

It's an app that allows you to keep complete track of all your physical activities. And if you say complete, you mean a step counter. So you can use this service perfectly as a pedometer.

Google Fit has the advantage of preventing you from having to install a multitude of apps, as just one is enough and, above all, it can also centralize the data collected on a large number of other platforms, such as Nike+, Runkeeper and Strava, but also on any Wear OS-compatible watch.


In addition to a very elegant and user-friendly design, Pedometer - Step Counter and Calorie Counter also displays by month, week or day the number of steps taken, calories lost and hours spent walking, as well as the distances covered. You can also use this app to monitor your weight or remind you to drink water regularly. Finally, the inevitable reward badges are included, as well as accounting with Google Fit.

My Slimming Coach

The promise of My Slimming Coach is to help you maintain your inner motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes, resist food cravings, avoid laziness in exercising and other weight loss difficulties.

With the My Slimming Coach app, you can also see the evolution of your weight curve, receive "motivation" alerts and... have an SOS of cravings to help you avoid deviations!

You get the idea, this weight loss app is a real trainer that motivates us every day. Because of its versatility, it serves as both a diet diary and a calorie calculator. 

A healthy weight loss app that allows us to achieve our long-term goals.

Download weight loss apps and change your health right now!

Healthy habits require more than a weight loss app. But with these apps, you can stay consistent, disciplined and motivated enough to achieve your goals.

Benefits of weight loss and fitness apps

Many people who struggle to drink water often turn to a diet app to help them remember. It can actually be a good thing at first. But isn't it better to be more attentive and learn to be aware of your own thirst and to drink water when you're thirsty?

Sometimes leaving a bottle of water on the desk solves this problem. Step counter apps have the same effect. They are a way of encouraging you to move more. This also improves your health.