How to have a GPS on your cell phone is a question that many users have. With this system, you can check global positioning anywhere, available on practically all devices. Check it out below. 

how to have a GPS on your cell phone
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How to have a GPS on your cell phone

The GPS system is available on practically all devices, both Android and iOS. To use the service on your smartphone, you need to check all the phone's specifications, as this information allows you to find out which GPS you can use.

To find out how to have a GPS on your cell phoneThe first step is to find the models available for your operating system. Most of these services are available free of charge for both systems (Android and iOS). 

Finally, to access GPS, you need to choose a platform to use on your smartphone. Most devices come with a native service, such as Google Maps and Apple Maps. But there are more platforms for the same purpose.

There are free and paid platforms, each with its own features and advantages. To find a GPS that meets your needs, you need to test the services. 

Read the privacy policies

As soon as you install an application on your smartphone, the next step is to read the software's privacy policies. When users ignore this procedure, they are leaving the door open for other apps to use their real-time location. 

Therefore, as a form of protection, experts suggest that users read the application's entire privacy policy. This is recommended regardless of the service installed on your device. 

Privacy policies also indicate under what circumstances your information is shared. They also tell you who is responsible for the security of your data. 

In short, the more secure the application, the less chance there is of malicious people using your information for their own benefit. So before you download an app, read the privacy policy. 

Best GPS applications

To find a functional and responsive GPS application, the first step is to get to know the best platforms. As mentioned above, some services come factory-installed, but there are options for all users. Check them out below. 

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is the most famous GPS service. This platform is developing more and more every day, with various useful functions, such as the possibility of downloading a map of a particular region for offline use.

This application is factory-installed on smartphones with the Android operating system, but is compatible with iOS. This platform shows car routes, as well as offering public transport options. 

2. Waze

The Waze application is another recommendation for users who want a functional and practical GPS. Through the platform, it is possible to identify speed cameras and obstacles on the road in real time. 

Waze's functions are similar to those of Google Maps, as well as being available on the main operating systems, Android and iOS. Another feature of the service is the possibility of viewing nearby drivers who also use the platform. 

3. Maps.Me

Maps.Me is an application for those who want to use their GPS offline. Through this platform, users can find maps of each Brazilian region, as well as automatically downloading the map of the state in which the user is located. 

Available for Android and iOS, Maps.Me has several features and advantages, such as the possibility of using it without internet. What's more, whenever they want, users can delete maps they no longer use, saving space on their device. 

4. Here WeGo

Here WeGo was born as a revamped version of Here Maps. The platform is available for Android and iOS, free of charge. Finally, the service offers a series of maps of large regions, which must be downloaded individually for offline use. 

Among the platform's main features is the function of showing the best routes for cars. On the other hand, if you prefer, you can follow the same route on foot, by bicycle or public transport. 

In short, this is a complete platform for keeping an eye on your GPS in real time, as well as having exclusive advantages. If you want a good, functional GPS, Here WeGo is a great choice for everyday use.

December 15th, 2022