Get to know apps to watch soccer live is the first step to following your favorite team. Through this platform, you can access various competitions, both Brazilian and from other countries. Check them out below. 

Discover the apps for watching soccer live 

First of all, in order to follow your favorite sports live, you need to know the platforms that broadcast this content. There are several apps developed for this purpose. 

One of Brazilians' greatest passions is undoubtedly soccer. However, not all lovers of the sport are able to follow matches live on TV, so they turn to other services. 

Nowadays, affordable smartphones allow you to follow your favorite sport, whether it's soccer or basketball. Want to follow your favorite team? Discover the apps for watching soccer live:

Discover the apps for watching soccer live 
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1. GloboPlay

GloboPlay is a streaming service full of exclusive content, as well as live broadcasts from Brazil's biggest broadcaster: Globo. Because of these characteristics, the platform is becoming increasingly popular among Brazilians. 

GloboPlay's programming is currently focused on the World Cup matches, one of the biggest soccer events. In other words, by downloading the platform to your smartphone, you can watch the games in the palm of your hand in high quality. 

If you wish, you can follow other sports by paying a monthly fee with the SporTV combo. This broadcaster is complete, broadcasting national and international matches with quality. 

2. 365Scores

With 365Scores, users can follow details of the world's main competitions. Available for free download on Android and iOS, the interface is simple and intuitive. 

When you open the platform for the first time, register and get access to personalized recommendations. You can also choose your favorite leagues and competitions, as well as teams. 

On the app's home page, users can see a complete list of all the matches taking place throughout the day. In addition, by pressing the "Live" button, it is possible to follow the matches in real time. 

3. Premiere

Like GloboPlay, Premiere is a streaming service for following your favorite teams. Another similarity between the platforms is the possibility of subscribing to Premiere in GloboPlay combos. 

In general terms, Premiere is an official Grupo Globo service. Unlike other platforms, users can only follow soccer matches. In other words, it is recommended mainly for sports lovers.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a plethora of exclusive content, such as films and series. However, if you're passionate about soccer, this is a great recommendation for enjoying your favorite games. 

Through this platform, users can watch a multitude of live soccer matches, such as the A and B series of the Brasileirão. In addition, by paying a monthly fee, subscribers can watch exclusive sports channels. 

5. Star+

Star+ is another streaming service recommended for soccer lovers. The competitions available on the platform involve matches at national and world level. You can also access various movies and series at any time. 

The app is available for download on the main Android and iOS devices. This way, users can follow the matches in real time from the palm of their hands. 

By subscribing to Star+, you can access a range of exclusive content, such as ESPN channels. In addition, the platform broadcasts matches from various competitions, such as the Copa Libertadores. In fact, the broadcaster is considered one of the world leaders in the sports market. 

Bonus: Twitch

Twitch is yet another platform suitable for people who want to follow soccer matches. The official app is available for free download on Android and iOS devices. 

Even though it's not geared towards sports broadcasts, most streamers have started to buy the rights to matches. This way, registered users can follow the matches live without interruption. 

Streamer Casimiro, for example, ended up buying the rights to broadcast the Campeonato Carioca. To access this content for free, the first step is to register your profile on Twitch. 

It's worth noting that Casimiro is also broadcasting the World Cup matches on his channel. 

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December 17th, 2022