Among best antivirus for Android, we find the software antimalware with subscriptions for various devices (Windows, Mac, iOS or Android). This time, we're entering a narrower field with an antivirus comparison for Android only. 

As we know, mobile devices can be a source of anxiety (theft, breach of privacy, etc.), as there are specific threats to smartphones or tablets, such as ransomware screen lock, fake applications or even the SMS Trojan (which sends messages to premium rate numbers). 

If you use a lot of apps and store sensitive data on your Android phone, you should consider using a good antivirus. Whether it's a free service or a paid offer for a single device, we've put together antiviruses with interesting features: online payment protection, child safety, anti-theft or even anti-spyware! Take a look at the list of free and paid antiviruses for Android, so you can have a smartphone that's safe.

Discover the best antivirus for Android
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Discover the best antivirus for Android

To begin with, we've selected a small antivirus to try out for free before moving on to the premium features. Its advantages are that it offers AV-Test certified protection and familiarizes you with options dedicated to mobile devices. Of course, its premium offers are quite interesting, but even if that means choosing a free version on Google Play, it's on this list that you'll find the most complete antivirus services.

Free Android antivirus apps often lack necessary features such as real-time protection and malware removal - Internet security companies always try to "trick" you into paying for the premium version to access these features. And while many of these premium apps are relatively affordable, I think Android users should still be protected when using free antivirus apps.

1. McAfee Mobile Security - Best for anti-theft protection

McAfee's premium application includes a virtual private network (VPN) and an ad blocker. I don't think the ad blocker is worth it, as there are plenty of free ad blockers out there. On the other hand, I like McAfee's VPN and, if you don't already have a premium VPN (you should never use a free VPN!), McAfee's paid premium app for Android can offer you a quality VPN at a lower cost.

Although McAfee's premium app is more expensive than its competitors' premium apps, if you bundle the Android app with one of McAfee's Total Protection plans (up to 10 devices on all operating systems), this is one of the best value antivirus packages in 2022.

2. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a powerful free tool for Android users, but the paid solution is better. It offers the essential features of a mobile antivirus, including:

  • Malware analysis. It scans your device for viruses, deletes malicious files and checks incoming data for known threats using Kaspersky's highly regarded anti-malware scanner. During my tests, this scanner detected 100% of malware.
  • Anti-theft. It includes remote data wiping, application blocking and a video capture feature so you can see who's snooping on your phone. There's even a remote alarm, so wherever your phone is, it won't go unnoticed.
  • Location detection. The Find My Phone feature locks your phone and allows you to check its location on the Kaspersky website, on your smartwatch or in the Kaspersky desktop application.

It's powerful antivirus software and I also appreciate the option (a bit cryptic, I admit) to start scans from my connected watch. The anti-phishing and web filtering features allow for safe browsing, however, they are only available to premium customers.

3. AVG AntiVirus Free 6.48

AVG AntiVirus Free 6.48 is a free Internet security application for Android phones, published by AVG, a company from the Netherlands. AVG AntiVirus Free 6.48 is the best free antivirus for Android in 2022, tied with Securion OnAv 1.0. It detects all 9,258 malwares, only 3 false positives and is very discreet on the smartphone.

Since then, the AVG app has changed its name: AVG Antivirus & Security, visible on Google Play. This company has long been known in the Internet security industry.

In addition to malware protection, it offers interesting services for an Android phone in 2022.

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