Considered an extension of your smartphone, the best Apple Watch is a connected watch that is worn on the wrist, allows you to read the time, but also take advantage of many connected features.

Since 2014, Apple has launched many Apple Watch models. These connected watches have undergone many changes over the years, both technically and in terms of design. Today there are more than 8 series. Each series is offered with different models, but also various straps. 

Discover the best Apple Watch to buy in 2022
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Discover the best Apple Watch to buy in 2022

The Apple Watch is a watch that allows you to read the time, but also proves to be the perfect companion for practicing sport or even taking care of your health. Many features are available, such as the ability to send a message, track your heart rate or even enjoy a multitude of workouts. In this article, find out which is the best Apple Watch to buy in 2022!

Apple Watch Series 7

In October 2021, Apple presented its latest connected watch, the Apple Watch Series 7. The latter offers a larger screen, with a larger display area (20% larger than the Apple Watch Series 6) and an optimized interface. It features an always-on Retina display and the toughest screen glass on an Apple Watch. 

The Apple Watch Series 7 is IP6X certified, dust-resistant and waterproof to 50 meters in open water or swimming pools. On the health side, the Apple Watch Series 7 lets you measure your oxygen level and take an electrocardiogram, no matter where you are. You can also follow the progress of your sleep and take time out for yourself with the Mindfulness app. 

For athletes, you have the possibility to track your movements, your progress and even challenge your loved ones. The Apple Watch Series 7 has fall detection functionality, which in the event of a heavy fall can connect you to the emergency services. Finally, it only takes 45 minutes for the watch to go from 0 to 80%, thanks to the USB-C fast charging cable.

Apple Watch SE

Two years ago, Apple launched the Apple Watch SE. This connected watch is the cheapest in the Apple Watch range. It has fewer features than other Apple Watches, which explains its more affordable price. The GPS + Cellular model allows you to make calls, send messages or even get directions, without having your phone. 

The Retina OLED display of the Apple Watch SE is the same size as the Series 6. The Apple Watch SE offers heart rate monitoring. Notifications are sent to you in the event of a high or low heart rate, or in the event of arrhythmia. With the Sleep app, you can establish a routine to improve your nights and achieve your sleep goals. Depending on your activities, running, cycling or yoga.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 features a completely new sensor and innovative apps. It lets you take an electrocardiogram directly from your wrist, no matter where you are. You can also measure your blood oxygen level. 

The Sleep app helps you improve the quality of your nights and achieve your goals during the night. Many statistics about your health or physical activity can be viewed on the Retina display of the Apple Watch Series 6. Thanks to cellular connectivity, you can easily make calls, listen to music or use Siri without having to use your smartphone. This smartwatch is equipped with a 64-bit dual-core S6 processor, which is up to 20% faster than the S5 processor.

Apple Watch Series 3

Even though this connected watch is from 2017, the Apple Watch Series 3 is no less efficient. It is sold reconditioned on Amazon, and has a 42 mm silver aluminum case with a white sports strap. The product is also in excellent condition and the Apple Watch Series 3 has a longer battery life than the 80%. 

This connected watch has a retina display, informs you via notifications about your heart rate and has emergency call functionality. Apple Watch Series 3 offers the main Apple Watch features for health and physical activity. It is water resistant and waterproof. With the rings on the Apple Watch Series 3 screen, you can track your movements and sports workouts in a fun way. 

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